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20 Years Old Jaipur girl Shefali conquered the unconventional with her ‘Angel’s Music Academy;

This article focuses on pursuing a dream and victory towards that with the real-life story for Shefali

By Trishita Basu16

20 Years Old Jaipur girl Shefali conquered the unconventional with her ‘Angel’s Music Academy;

We as Indians always take pride in our daughters. Especially when we talk about our youth, who are going to be the future citizens of India, have always proved to be precious to us. And it has been validated that the ratio of female victors is definitely more than the others. Here we take the name of the daughter of our heritage city Jaipur. Jaipur is a city that has been named after its rich culture and the associated royal ancient kingdoms. So here is another silent ruler who ultimately becomes the salient one. The name of the girl is Shephali. Shephali is a foreign returned music scholar, who chooses her passion as a career over her corporate glory.

Most of us used to have or still do have our hobbies that are always neglected under the mechanical lifestyle. There are many few amongst us, who dare take their hobbies forward with their greater lives. The bling of a more mechanical journey of life always demeans those bits and pieces that used to form the substance to our dreams. Most of the Indian boys and girls are inherited with cultural richness. They build their passion for culture from a very tender age. Initially, these rich cultural aspects are injected into them by their parents. But all of a sudden, a moment comes in all their lives when those parents only make them distant from those talents. We must have heard that there is a child in our neighborhood who has shined as a very good painter or someone who has a keen interest in dancing or playing the Guitar.  But soon after a few years when that same child touches the line of teenage, his or her focus gets completely shifted towards a more core journey. The mechanism of the modern civilization makes them aloof of their dreams. In fact, they can never think about considering those hobbies or dreams to make a successful career option for them. This is actually the bare minimum scenario in our modern-day lifestyle. Career options are chosen on the basis of the expected revenue that can be extracted from these options. We can never think of shaping our dreams to create a career out of that.

Instead, Shefali proved us wrong. Belonging to a middle-class family in Jaipur, Shefali developed a keen passion for music from a very tender age in her life. And here she was lucky to have parents who guided her through and spent all their savings to build her a career in Music. Shefali has been studied in Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Having said that, it is absolutely important to mention that soon after, Shefali completed her course for audio engineering affiliated by Apple and managed to qualify for a handsome job in Bangalore. But before she could join her new job, she again relocated to her hometown, Jaipur. Here, something unexpected notions clicked in her mind. Her brother suggested that instead of shifting out of the native, she could have started her music classes in Jaipur itself. The choice was very clear to her at this point. But it kept on haunting her. Ultimately, she chose to quit her dream job where she could be designated at a position of Sound Engineer in a prestigious Bangalore based company, over her actual dream. She instantly thought of giving it a try at least. But having spent so much money on her expensive abroad studies, it was difficult for her to arrange more money to meet the expenses for starting a music class. At this point, Shefali and her brother took a chance and arranged a sum of around Rs. 700 after selling some scrap from their own residence. While her brother spent Rs. 200 on his own, the rest of the Rs. 500 was spent on an expense incurred to print a nice flex to set a market for Shefali’s music class. Initially, Shefali managed to get only one inquiry were a medical student wanted to learn and practice music as a hobby. But when she came into contact with Shefali, the latter inspired her so much that the medical student started thinking of pursuing music as her career. That journey of her very first student made Shefali confident enough to continue her classes and she also managed to convince her parents for this.

It took her some more time to establish a good rapport with the music learners and as she developed her reputation in the same, she managed to garner a good amount of students. At this point, when Shefali was fighting alone against all the odds, a music aspirant approached to Shefali for a class. Hritisha Rawadia, now Shefali’s disciple, took a keen interest in learning classical music from her at first. Soon after, Hritisha developed her skills in Western music to become a renowned Opera singer. Needless to say, Shefali trained this aspirant in a very effective way and took an active part in her journey.

After that, 20 years old Shefali and her student Hritisha got very much acquainted with each other and started to inspire each other as well. Soon after this, these two young minds joined hands together in business and started their music school in the name of ‘Angel’s Music Academy’. It is a very well known fact that the combination of talent and hard work can never meet the failure. The same was the case for this musical duo. Their hard work and consistency rewarded them with ultimate success and ushered a beautiful dream come true situation. It is needless to mention that the entire journey started with a small banner before Shefali’s house and has taken the shape of a three-story building a renowned music academy. The two now teach music and advanced music engineering courses at their academy but their main focus is on music as a career option to the students.

According to Shefali, most people abandon music as a career option because they fear a less successful career. But geared with proper guidance and well-informed knowledge on the subject, one can easily earn a good income by choosing music as a career. As per her deep notion, Music revolves around many career options such as production, audio mastery, jingle making, etc. which pave the way to pursue a successful career for an amateur.

Hence, it is very clear that even quitting the mechanical ways of living and chasing your dreams, be it whatever offbeat, can obviously make you successful. The story of Shefali is a milestone behind this thought only. For more such inspirational content, stay tuned to VTV India.

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