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3 Effective Ways To Make Your Business Women Friendly

Women are doing very well in business world but still there is imbalance in the number of women and men in business and professional world. If you want to make your business welcoming for women, here we've brought 3 effective ways how you can do that.

By Mrid_Scripts

3 Effective Ways To Make Your Business Women Friendly
3 Effective Ways To Make Your Business Women Friendly

Nowadays women's participation in business world is increasing day by day. No doubt they are performing very well for business and startups. Statistics show that companies having gender diversity are more likely to experience above-average profitability.

The presence of women provides an important harmonious perspective on business issues. This t different perspective often gives a wide range of solutions. So, if you want to attract top talent, it will be better for you to go through these points that can make your business welcoming for women.

1. Offer Flex-hours To Curtail Talent Drain

    As the effects of COVID-19 have become global and long-lasting and it has created an environment of uncertainty. But as per the data of the World Economic Forum, it is becoming many times difficult for women because a major part of childcare falls on their shoulders.

   Women are more worried about the issues of miscarriage or passing the disease to the baby from mother during the pendemic situation. The business which offers flexible hours like freelancing domains, at those times when women need it most, often score higher for employee-engagement as well as productivity. If a business that offers flexible working hours, then it will be convenient not only for women but also for every person related to this business. So, make sure of this point before you start your business. But however, if you can't go with this Flex-hours policy, then you should definitely go with points 2 and 3 described below.

2. Equal Maternity Benefits And Access To Advanced Technology

    If you want to make your business workplace attractive for young women, improving Maternity Policies can be a big tool for you. Most of the talented professional young ladies seek those workplaces that offer them paid parental leave which is currently offered by only 12% of the private sector.

   As an option, organizations can facilitate access to advanced prenatal technologies. Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) provides the most accurate results for various genetic conditions which also includes Down Syndrome. It also allows for early detection and helps mothers experience less stress.

  A few companies including Google and Cisco are taking the lead in the business world by accepting the importance of equal maternity rights for women of all age groups. They are providing their women workers with advanced prenatal technologies, flexible working hours as well as paid maternity leave.

 At the time, when OB/GYNs across the US are recommending NIPT as a standard prenatal. Organizations should also ask healthcare providers to expand their insurance coverage and create a working environment that is helpful for young pregnant women.

3. Break The Glass Ceiling And Promote On The Base Of Talent

     In order to give your business a height, you have to work to shatter the glass ceiling from above. The main reason behind this is that in leading roles women are still underrepresented. It comprises only 6.6 % of Fortune 500 CEOs.

    If a company wants to promote top talent then definitely they must remove gender bias when it comes to leadership roles. Not only this but also the business must be focused on maternity benefits policies that are discriminatory.

    So these were the 3 key points to make your business welcoming for women.

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