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6 Healthy Weight Loss Tips in dinner will help you shed those extra kilos

Weight gain is making you tensed?  In recent times our lifestyle and food habits are the two major reasons for weight gain. But not to worry now as these changes in your dinner plan will make you lose weight.

By Mridulata Sen

6 Healthy Weight Loss Tips in dinner will help you shed those extra kilos

Our body physique and weight majorly depends on our life-style and food habits.

We due to our fast pace life, unknowingly follow unhealthy habits that affect our well being and weight.

Therefore, we want to achive evrything fast and end up making investments in varieties of protien powders, fat free snacks, weight reduction programs. But we fail to undrestand that these all have preservatives and saturated fats which doesn't help, rather ruin our metabolism and digestion. Fat free products available in the market is just to attract people.

We should rather go for natural available healthy food options.

The biggest mistake we do in our diet is our eating habits.

However, after effective researched we have come up with 6 healthy changes at your dinner table that will help you to shed the extra kilos:

The main things that we kept doing wrong since days is having food at wrong time, not concentrating on what we eat which make us overeat, eating without realizing our body capacity, and so on.

So, what changes should you make in your dinner? Let’s find out.

You all might be thinking that why we are emphasizing on dinner, it is because it's the last meal of the day and our body gets a lot of time to work on what we ate.

1. Eating dinner at wrong time:

You need to eat it on time and research says that people who eat their dinner later are more likely to binge on snacks and this makes us overeat. Hence, early dinner helps you maintain a healthy weight.

2.  ​Not focusing on eating the correct nutrients:

We always need to check what we are comsuming. Is there right amount of fiber, protein, and fat in our meal? If we constantly feel like binging after dinner, it's an indication that we lacked over the right nutrients in our food. Right balance of nutrients will make us feel full for a longer time.

3. Not having enough sleeping:

Sleeping for atlest 7-8 hrs in a day is must for a healthy life.

Scrolling through your phone after you lie down on the bed needs to be stopped. This habit prevents you from having a peacefull sleep and that's one of the main reasons for that unwanted weight gain.

4. Directly going to bed after dinner:

Start going for a 20-30 minutes walk after dinner. It helps to digest food better and thus promote weight loss. 

If you cannot go out, walk inside your room in that case.

5. Choosing wrong food options:

Eating chocolates, biscuits, and other unhealthy stuff will make you feel hungry post-dinner.

Choosing the wrong snack after or before dinner can make you overeat. So, next time when you feel hungry, have some protein-rich snacks like nuts. 

6. Keep the room temperature low:

Keeping the temperature of your AC slightly low may help you shed those extra kilos. Let me explain this to you, when your body feels cold, it works extra to attain the warmth it requires, so lowering the temperature of the AC can help you burn calories. So, next time when you go to bed grab one extra blanket and lower the AC temperature.

Also, as you all know small changes makes big difference! So here are little habit changes that can change the game:

  • Try to cook at home. You will have total control of your calorie and fat consumption in this way.
  • Use smaller plates to have your dinner.
  • Include salads and different types of veggies in your dinner menu, that will provide more fiber.
  • Cut down on soda and other alcoholic beverages and opt for normal water.

 I’m sure that these tips will help you to lose weight in the right way!

Also, do let us know if these easy tips helped you or not…Until then stay tuned for upcoming updates.




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