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Busy Schedule and yet a healthy lifestyle...yes it's possible with 8 simple keys !!

Eating right, getting enough exercise, and taking care of our well-being are essential goals, as staying healthy is the key to our efficiency at the workplace. If we are healthy our minds and bodies will be active at the same time.

By Mridulata Sen

Busy Schedule and yet a healthy lifestyle...yes it's possible with 8 simple keys !!

In recent times, our modern lives could not be more hectic with long work hours, not enough family time, and time lost commuting. As if all these obstacles weren’t enough, we are also faced with the imperative to stay fit or not get sick at least. This is really something that should be our priority despite the busyness of our schedule.

So, here we go to search out ideas for busy folks to remain wholesome. Have a look!

Have small meals and grab healthy takeaway options

As an alternative to consuming one huge meal, eat smaller meals at common intervals. It helps the physique to register how hungry you might be and helps in avoiding additional meals.

Avoid drinking alcohol or eating out too often as both are high in calories, low in nutritional content, and can make you tired and sluggish. If you still want to go out with your friends, consider bringing a healthy snack along or limiting yourself to one drink or one half-portion of a meal. 

Have king-size breakfast

A wholesome and filling breakfast is a should if you wish to reside a wholesome life. Do it properly by together with cereals, fruits, milkshakes as an alternative of oil, and add butter.

Exchange packed meals with wholesome meals

Every time you eat packed meals, ensure you embrace some wholesome meals like an apple or orange with it.

Load on fruits and vegetable

Make fruits and vegetables as a part of your meal as it will not only give you vitamins but also control your calorie consumption.

Select proteins over carbohydrates

Consuming the best meals will provide help to nourish your physique. Bear in mind when your physique is hungry, it desires vitamins, not energy. Boiled sprouts, groundnuts, corns, boiled eggs, makhanas, roasted channa, and so on.

Drink plenty of water

An integral part of adopting a healthy diet is taking in enough water. Take atleast 2 liters of water as your body needs to stay hydrated in order to tackle the mental and physical hardships a busy day throws at you.

Get enough sleep

What if you extended the workday until midnight and then got up at 6 AM to get an important project finished before you left for work? Although this might seem like a great idea for a worker behind schedule, sleep time really isn’t something that you should cut short because of a busy schedule. Those six to eight hours of sleep a day our body uses to regenerate, so depriving yourself of sleep is the worst idea.

Exercise regularly atleast 10mins in a day

Basically, you need to burn calories on a daily level, so even taking a walk through the park or taking the stairs instead of the elevator counts as a form of body exercise.

Some extra tricks to keep lively at work :

1- Take strolling breaks – the finest is to keep away from elevating and climb the steps or have a walk to relax your body.

2- Think positive, share helpful thoughts, and give yourself rewards.

3- Hydrate your body and mind. Listen to songs at intervals of a break. Have water every half an hour. Make it a habit.

4- Wake up early. You will get more time for yourself.

So my folks go give these tips a try !!! You won't regret it...

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