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Celebrating Engineers Day: Do you know these hidden facts!!!

Hello everyone, this time we are here with some facts and knowledgeable information that is to be known if you are celebrating this day or have at least kept a social story regarding it. We are here to give you some intellectual facts about The Greatest India Engineer Vishweshvaraya.

By Nishika Shah

Celebrating Engineers Day: Do you know these hidden facts!!!

In India, engineers day celebrated to give tribute to the great Engineer of India as well as the Bharat Ratna Sir MokshagundamVishweshvaraya also, known as Sir MV. Vishweshvaraya. He was born on 15th September 1861, in a Telugu family at Chikkaballapur in Karnataka. His parents were popularly known as Sanskrit scholars. After completing his primary education in his hometown, he moved to Bengaluru to complete his higher studies. After he started pursuing a UG degree in Arts, suddenly he changed the track of his degree and went for a degree in civil engineering, from the College of Engineering in Pune. 

He is a very well-known person, as well as a famous engineer, still few facts, are not known about him. We can say many people aren’t aware of why they are celebrating the Engineers day. 

Let us discuss a few facts behind this day and person:

  • Sir MV. Vishweshvaraya was one of the great civil engineers who served as the 19th Mysore Diwan, from the era of 1912 to 1919.
  • He received Bharat Ratna – India’s highest honor in the year 1955. 
  • King George V had honored Sir MV as the Knight Commander of the British Indian Empire for his successful contributions to the public good. 
  • Sir MV’s birth date is celebrated as the Engineers day India as well as in Shri Lanka and Tanzania. 
  • He was selected as the chief engineer of Krishna Raja Sangara and served as one of the Chief Engineers of Hyderabad’s flood protection system. 
  • He knew different irrigation techniques as well as flood disaster management. 
  • In 1903, a new irrigation technique came out known as “Block irrigation”, introduced out of the automatic gates designed and constructed by Sir MV at the Lake Fife Storage Reservoir. 
  • KrishnarajaSagar Dam – one of the biggest dams of India, had Sir MV as one of the architects.
  • He was one of the persons to establish the Government Engineering College at Bangalore which was one of the first engineering institutes of India. The name changed to University Visvesvaaya College of Engineering on a later date.  
  • He had his last breath on 12th April 1962. 

These are the details to be known by Indians, especially the engineers. Thank you very much for spending your time on our article, hope we are eligible to give you the right and required information. Stay tuned!


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