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Five Most Underrated Travel Destinations Around The World

Today we're going to tell you about beautiful yet underrated travel destinations around the world. We all have our own travel bucket lists with names of the most hyped and famous travel destinations. Give this article a read and we're sure you'll add these underrated cities in your long list of dream places to visit too!

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Five Most Underrated Travel Destinations  Around The  World

From Paris, NYC, London to Rome, Bali, and Dubai don't we all search up for the most hyped up destinations for travel? But let's talk about the beautiful, extravagant, "vibe goals" yet underrated travel destinations today!

In this blog, we're going to tell you about the 5 most underrated destinations around the world, that are worth a visit!

1.Valaparaíso, Chile

Valparaíso is a city on the Pacific coast of central Chile.

It's known for its bohemian culture, vibrant and brightly colored houses and it's beautiful beautiful seaside views.

Whenever you visit this place, going on the Ascensores(inclines) is a must! They are also used by the city locals to help them get to the higher parts of the town instead of walking long patches of steep and tiring pedestrian routes!

During the last week of the year, the city holds an annual carnival that is to die for!

Everyone should definitely experience it atleast once in their lifetime!

The theme of the carnival center's around a different country each year, from which artists and performers are invited to represent their work, their culture, and their lifestyle by performing theatre, art, music, and many more intriguing activities!

The city's New year's fireworks fall under the 5 most beautiful fireworks on the planet!

Chorrillana, a heaping mound of French fries topped with stripes of steak, fried onions, and fried eggs is the traditional food of Valparaíso and is available everywhere but the most famous place to try them out is J Cruz.

Empanados, a flaky pastry like a croissant, filled with "Pino"- fried minced meat, black dives, boiled egg, and raisins or cheese is also a must-have!

The city has amazing night-life as well! Pubs and clubs close at 5 am on weekends and 4 am on weekdays.

Good places to hangout during the night include La Terazza MIMI, La Torre, Balmaceda, Barcelona, La Piedra Feliz, Club El Hueve, Bar La Playa, Pagano and Mascara.

2.Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is a beautiful and peaceful lake located in Triglav National Park, Slovenia, and is near the more popular, Lake Bled.

  • Looking at the view of St. John the Baptist Church and the Stone Bridge, 
  • Stand paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Looking at the statue of Zlatorog
  • Hike along Mostnica Gorge
  • Walking the trails around Lake Bohinj
  • Ride the Vogel Cable Car

Are a few of the many things that you can do when you visit lake Bohinj!

When it comes to the most important part of the conversation, FOOD,  Restavracija Kramar has average food when it comes to taste, but it has an amazing view! Foksner is the best place to go when you're in the mood for burgers, BBQ, or a sip of chilled beer! Strudi serves delicious traditional Slovenian food. Pizzeria Pr'Kosnik has everything Italian! And Pri Hrvato is a great choice too!

3.Hill Country, Texas

Hill Country has the most interesting history of the state. It's a hilly and dry place with spring-fed creeks, ever-flowing rivers, Beautiful oak trees, and amazing weather.

While on the road, you'll find small wineries, beautiful and classy B&B's, Dance Halls, and an Instagram worthy view all around!

When it comes to night-life, the 11th street cowboy bar is filled with locals jamming on loud music!

If you're looking to have a sophisticated evening House Wine is your go-to. Tavern in the Gruene has an amazing vibe with live music!

Hudson's on the Bend

814:A Texas Bistro

August E's

And Cabernet Grill is one of the best places to munch and eat around the town!

4.Puglia, Italy

Puglia is known for it's Sandy Beaches, Baroque architecture, and Cute cottages.

Puglia is a very calm and very slow city. 

Life here is not what you would imagine!

It's not like that of the 21st century.

People do farming and fishing in the morning, then they take a swim and have a meal used for traditional ingredients in the evening! Nothing is open after Lunch.

Puglia is Italy's poorest region yet the most delicious food comes from here!

Big fat figs, fresh tomatoes, herbs, sweet and delicious peppers, Puglia has everything!

The Gargano peninsula, Mol fetta, Trani and Bartletta, Martina Franca, Locorontondo, La Murgia, Castel Del Monte, and Lecce are a few places that you must go to, whenever you visit this beautiful city!

5.Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary is situated in the western Canadian province of Alberta, in the Rock Mountains, Calgary is a city that has beautiful weather with the most days of sunshine than any other city in Canada.

From it's Street festivals, The Amazing night-life and all things wonderful, Calgary has it all!

Calgary Tower

Calgary Zoo

Heritage Park Historical Village

Prince's Island Park 

Calaway Park

And the Glenbow museum is a few places that you must see there.

BATL- The Home Of Axe Throwing

The Shooting Edge

Trapped in Real Life Escape Room

Archery Games Calgary

Are a few places that you can go to when you're in a mood to do something fun!

Big Rock Brewery, Notable-The Restaurant, River cafe UNA Takeaway, and Ollia Macarons and Tea are the places where you'll get lip-smacking food that'll fill your soul with joy!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog today. Stay tuned to keep getting updates and hacks of anything and everything travel on VTV India. 

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