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Kangana Ranaut Shares her childhood picture with a Motivational Post:

Kangana Ranaut has shared a motivational post on Twitter, in which she is posing in her school dress.

By Mridulata Sen

Kangana Ranaut Shares her childhood picture with a Motivational Post:

Kangana returned to Mumbai on Wednesday from her Manali home when the BMC demolished parts of her office.

Kangana posted a picture on Twitter on Friday morning. It showed a young Kangana dressed in her school uniform, posing with a friend. She still looks quite similar because of her trademark curls. This picture took over the internet as she looked fierce and carefree as always.

“Mind is loud and clever, feelings are naive and subtle in nature, never let your mind dominate your feelings, hold on to that little feeling deep inside your heart buried and pushed away by your logic and fears, hold on to it no matter how stupid or absurd it is, let it guide you,” she captioned her post.

The actress made her friday enthusiastic on a less controversial note by sharing an adorable flashback photo from her childhood that proves she has always been her own self.

The photo saw her in her school uniform, posing with a hand on her hip as she channeled her tough girl vibes. We couldn’t help but compare this photo with her old photoshoot on the cover of Femina magazine with sister Rangoli Chandel. As her looks make us remind of the same.Time has taken this talented and bright girl far because, she has always been a total boss-lady with pride.

 Letting fans know her little secret that has been taking her the distance so far- the actress shared a simple rule she has followed through her life – ‘never let your mind dominate your feelings’.

 Kangana, who has been the center of controversy since sushant case, nepotism and many more has announced that she will be in Mumbai city only for only a couple of days and will return to Himachal Pradesh shortly once she is done with her work.

She also got lot of support from several Bollywood stars, fans, citizens, and even politicians. After the BMC had demolished her office on Wednesday.

In a statement on her Twitter handle, she said that "she will work in the “ravaged” premises as a symbol of “a woman’s will that dared to rise in this world.”

Once in her inetrview she even said said that she plan to open her office on 15th Jan, but as COVID 19 hit us everything changed. She even mentioned that like most of us she haven’t worked ever since, and didn't have money to renovate it but now she will work from those ruins.

She is one of those actress who will give up! And again this time with her statement she proved that she will not give up and rise again like a Shining Star.

 Upon reseraching on the matter it is found that the BMC on Tuesday served a "stop-work" notice to Kangana Ranaut for alleged unauthorized construction in her office, mentioning 14 violations after taking note of several "illegal'' alterations.

Yesterday, Kangana visited her office accompanied by the commandos and guards given to her. She went there to inspect the rooms that were demolished by the BMC officials. Later, after taking stock of the situation, the actress said she doesn’t have money to ‘renovate’ the office and therefore, she will work from the damaged space proving that nothing can destroy her will power. She has always been a fighter and will continue to be the same.

 Later it was also revealed that when Union minister Ramdas Athawale met Kangana Ranaut at her residence, he offered her to join politics and even said that although BJP or RPI will welcome her if she decides to join either of the parties, but Kangana said she has no interest in joining politics. 

Also, sources says that Kangana after returning from Manali, has been exempted from home quarantine and she is scheduled to leave Mumbai on September 14, 2020.

Nevertheless, the actress has to undergo a lot because of her fierce and bold statements against Bollywood and other conspiracies. But the way she is dealing is not only motivating her but also motivating the Womanhood.

 Stay tuned for upcoming updates on the same !!!


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