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Patricia Narayan Success Story Inspiration To Millions

Patricia Narayan's account can encourage millions. she is someone who is really characteristic of the above quote. Patricia Narayan was the winner of the 2010 FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the Year endowment. She resisted all difficulties and undoubtedly developed as a winner.

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Patricia Narayan Success Story Inspiration To Millions

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst. Be that fearless girl the one would dare to do anything. Be that independent girl, who doesn’t need a man. Be that girl who never backed down.”

In this vicinity, Patricia Narayan's account can encourage millions. she is someone who is really characteristic of the above quote. Patricia Narayan was the winner of the 2010 FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the Year endowment. She resisted all difficulties and undoubtedly developed as a winner. She was defenseless at one point like many of us could have when coping with a drug addict husband. A bombastic marriage caused by a repressive partner and later her life journey and supporting two children alone did not prevent her from getting out of the millions. She established a series of eateries and is a model woman at the present date.

Her success story is not easy to define as she goes through a very tough time. She really did a great job of being a part of the patriarchal world. Here the story is capable of inspiring millions of people. As she is a self- made women. There is no single other person's role in her successful life. Everything single thing she achieves in her life just because of her only. I am going to share with you her outstanding journey and I am sure you get emotional and feel inspired at the same time.

Patricia Narayan Success Story Begins From Here

 Family Background

Patricia belongs to a customary Christian group of Nagercoil who had two younger brothers. She learned at Queen Mary's College, Chennai. It was during her stay at Mary's College she met Narayan a Hindu Boy and fell in love with him. At an early age, she wedded Narayan confronting the restriction from her folks. Her dad abandoned her after the marriage.    

Misery & Marriage

Patricia Narayan desires Mr. Right like other young girls. She also wants someone who stands with her in any critical situation. The man she married was 13 years older than him. But as we all believe that if love is true, then the age gap does not matter. She married him again in Purusivalkam Church and they started living together. Both families were not happy with their decision.

What do you think the problem gets resolved? Not at all the main destruction is yet to begin. It’s a real story so it’s very different from the filmy stories. Families don’t accept them so they both moved to another place in order to lead their life tension free. They settle down in Anna Nagar, Chennai. Her husband really makes her life because he doesn’t move out to earn bread and butter but just spends all his money on the wine and drugs. He also used to beat her time and again. She suffers from domestic violence and gives birth to two children while facing these adversities. She also faces that time also when she has no house to live and no food to eat. She doesn’t get help from her parents as she took such a drastic step without her permission.

How She Came Out From The Critical Life Circle?

Patricia's troubled life was troubled in all ways, her husband Narayan's dependence on drugs with the obligation to care for the family turned into a nightmare. In this despair, she gave birth to two children and her significant other illicit drug use became useless as the days passed. Unfit to bear the suffering presented by her husband she left him and chose to remain free. However, she neither had the assets nor the ability to bring a vocation and had a significant existence with two youngsters.

He had only two options to either give up death or fight to the most ideal degree of calamity forced upon him by destiny. He took the latter choice. His father, who had given him asylum before abandoning, was unavoidable. In any case, Patricia was constantly striving to be free. By then he had gained only one expertise and that was cooking. With her mother's help, she began planning pickles, squash, and jam at home and offering her mother's colleagues the workplace as feedback was acceptable and interest for her item developed, which in this effort Raised confidence. Internal identity as it may have been, it incited her to be financially autonomous of her people constantly. She was anticipating the chance to assemble a well-cultured food trade outlet to help her two children.

Patricia has come to know from sources that the food-trucks were given an offer to individuals who were willing to form independent companies using physically challenged youth. He seized this opportunity and on 21 June 1982 made a stand on Marina Beach, Chennai, on wheels.

Profit Making Small Businesses 

She started selling coffee, tea, samosas like namkeen and hot snacks like buzzjis and fruit juices. His first day's business was very turbulent, earning him 50 paise. She was disappointed. Her mother prepared her to move forward with great work and allowed the days to come along with her business every day. She happily reviews that she had the option to exchange 25,000 rupees a day which was a record deal in her business spell.

From here she got consistency and continues to date. She is a skillful lady. After fighting against weakness, bombarded marriages and drug dealing, addicts, and harmed spouses and dealing with two young children, she finds out the way and decides to build iconic personality, she has established a framework of achievement for building the series of restaurants. Her success story is a benchmark for other startups and women entrepreneurs. It is truly a great thing to comes out of the conflicted life and do something innovative that difficult to pursue.

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