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Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh Attack Center Over Farm Bill Issue

Due to the new farm bill issue, the farmers of Punjab are not satisfied, and Captain Amarinder Singh stands up for them and even is ready to resign to prevail justice.

By blogwriternisha

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh  Attack Center Over Farm Bill Issue

As per the latest reports, Captain Amarinder Singh is fully prepared to resign but he will not accept this injustice that prevailed in the case of Punjab farmers. Due to the enactment of new farm laws the state's peace and national security highly affected. The chief minister expressed his grief over this whole situation and looking for a genuine analysis of these farm laws and what are the core reasons behind the center's decision to the enforcement of new farm laws. 

These new farm bills making farmer's condition worst amid this Covid pandemic crisis. He has given an open statement that "I am not afraid of resigning. I am not afraid of my government being dismissed. But I will not let farmers suffer or be ruined" while making people remember the earlier event of Operation Blue Star when he decided to quit rather than accepting the assault on Sikh ethos. 

The Chief Minister was speaking in the Assembly on the second day of the special session of the House, presenting four bills of his government to repeal the agricultural laws of the Central Government.

Warning the Center not to let the situation go out of control, he said that if agricultural laws were not repealed, angry young people could take to the streets to connect farmers, which could lead to chaos. As the situation now stands, the situation has the potential to change the peaceful atmosphere, he warned that this is what happened in the 1980s and 1990s. China and Pakistan will reach an agreement and try to take advantage of any disturbances in peace. He said that there is a serious threat from state to national security.

Reiterating his full support for the restless farmers, who were told that they had no choice but to fight to save themselves and their families, Singh urged the state government to help. Stop rail and eliminate barriers and allow movement of essential goods.

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