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After Jaya Bachahan Now Urmila Matondkar Had A Verbal Fight And Kangana Called Her "SOFT PORN STAR"

As we all know after Sushant Suicide Case, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut Becomes A gossip of the town. Recently Urmila Matondkar passes a statement on Kangana Ranaut that she has a problem with everybody in Bollywood Industry.

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After Jaya Bachahan Now Urmila Matondkar Had A Verbal Fight  And Kangana Called Her "SOFT PORN STAR"

According to Urmila, facing a struggle in building a career is a very common thing. There is no need to dig out such tiny things. 

In her recent interview, Urmila says that there were multiple actresses who entered films in the very same year, and out of them some were good strong Bollywood background. However, that didn't influence her as she was keenly interested and dedicated to her work. She confesses to being glad for the work that she did in the Hindi entertainment industry and includes that I didn't continue raving and yelling about the things that she felt were wrongly done in the entertainment world. The entertainer was additionally tested about reality as for the medications being utilized in Bollywood. 

Urmila Matondkar reacts back rapidly, by saying that there could be a few people from the entertainment world who take medications, and this goes for each other industry on the planet. She says each one of the individuals who are utilizing drugs and is related to the Bollywood must be addressed and punished. Urmila Matondkar states that the whole country is holding back to know from Kangana Ranaut about the names that she guarantees the individuals who use drugs in Bollywood.

She also makes a stark statement on the blockbuster movie " Tanu Weds Manu" and said - "Kangana has been doing as such to please BJP and get a ticket. In revert, Kangana had given a befitting remark to Urmila's comments expressing she doesn't need to work this a lot to get a ticket from the gathering. 

Calling Urmila's statement as censorious, Kangana revealed to Times Now, “The way she was talking about me, completely teasing through the interview, pulling faces or just making a mockery out of my struggles, attacking me on the facts that I am trying to please BJP for a ticket. One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure that for me it is not very difficult to get a ticket. I don’t have to play with my life or get my property ruined.” Furthermore, the Queen actress called Urmila a soft porn star and

Urmila had criticized Kangana for her disputable comments about Mumbai and underscored that with such remarks the Queen entertainer has offended the city and the individuals. “As a daughter of the city, I will never tolerate any defamatory remark against it. If one person shouts all the time, doesn’t mean the person is speaking the truth. Some people want to crib all the time and play the victim card and if all that fails, they play the woman card,” Urmila exact words.

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