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A Daunting Voice Against Cyber bully – Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha Makes a Strong Move against the Cyber Negativity

The morale of the story is to cut out the rotten social contamination to make the society aware & stand out against the odds.

By Trishita Basu16

A Daunting Voice Against Cyber bully – Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha Makes a Strong Move against the Cyber Negativity
A Daunting Voice Against Cyber bully – Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha Makes a Strong Move against the Cyber Negativity
A Daunting Voice Against Cyber bully – Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha Makes a Strong Move against the Cyber Negativity

Soon after the Suicidal demise of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, The internet started to become heated when netizens triggered their comments on the nepotism prevailed in Bollywood and on the privileges drawn by the star kids in Bollywood. The hit was sharp on the showcase of power by the star kids and how it affects the careers of the potential actors who are from a non-film background. From a much substantial matter of discussion, the strings were pulled to a different level when some trollers directly pointed their fingers on the specific ruling names in Bollywood and spread the hatred on the star kids, rather than a substance.

Sonakshi Sinha, popularly known as the Dabangg girl, seemed to take this hatred from trollers quite seriously and somewhat annoyed by the same. According to the actor’s notion, the Internet is meant to be the medium to reach out to people for spreading love and affection. But by the virtue of the power of the platform, many have opted for spreading hatred and toxicity. Soon after by the end of June’2020, she took it to even more, when she deactivated her Twitter account to showcase her silent wrath and protest against the cyberbully.

 Crime now a day has taken a new shape in the hands of the internet. Internet trolls, intoxicating comments on celeb posts have outraged as a firestorm. Without showing much concern to the fact that it can leave an obnoxious consequence on the mental health of the readers, these bunch of trollers keeps on hitting on the celebs and their everyday activities. It is causing bad mental health to the victims.

 Sonakshi continued to be a victim of this cyber troll for a long time now. Be it body shaming to her acting skills, now the water level has reached to the position of ultimate discomfort to her. The actor always raised her voice against such trolls and taking these with a sporting spirit, slams the trolls in her innovative way. Almost all her interviews with different channels included this cyberbully as a vital point of discussion and each time she remarkably cites the consequences to such malicious trolls on others. It always seemed like people on the internet even after being privileged to access the maximum information of the celebrity lives, their activities, do not screen their actual struggle behind but attacks them for their status. These days, many people including the stars have been facing such dirty events now and then. The mental harassment is reaching its peak day by day. Even some celebs are facing threats of being murdered, bad publicity of their personal life and their relationships.

 Repercussions of such acts are intimidating. It can cause harmful effects on the mental health of celebs and depression. Celebrities are human beings only. The mockery of their personal life or statements is equally unflattering to them as any others. The Internet can be a better place than this. Though this cyberbully can take shape of many, ranging from unpleasant comments on a celebrity post to hit the particular stars for an undefined cause. Every attempt is dangerous to the wellbeing of the victim. The attack can be sometimes unbearable to sustain. Not only the celebrities but also the common mass is becoming the victim of such malicious cyber trolls.  

This fiery actor recently, joined the Mission Josh to actively protest against the cyberbully. She recently proposes a campaign against cyberbully scheduled on July 26, 2020. To make the mission a successful one, she also collaborated with the IGP of Maharastra Police, Pratap Dighavkar, and other experts. The idea behind the campaign is to spread awareness amongst the public related to cyber rules. It is an initiative to actively get rid of the functions of that category of mass that choose to contaminate the other way useful medium like the internet and bring it back to its sanity. This campaign also aims to make people more aware of the consequences of such malignant trolling posts and about the legal or disciplinary actions that can be taken against such criminals. It is an endeavor to make the cyber world much safer for those who take it seriously to reach out to people through their work and intents their social presence to be accepted by the others.

              The concept is clear. Sonakshi and her supporters have pledged to take this initiative of making the online platform safe for the users by creating a user-friendly event that addresses the very stimulating contemporary issue that has taken place over some time. Sonakshi Sinha and Mission Josh are set to create this much-coveted trial of making things better on the internet. They are geared up to put a ’Full Stop’ to the online trolling business.

 Spokes are in many, only a few stand out to become the leader. Confidence, being true to own self, and fearless attitude are the key features to conquer against the bad. This Dabangg girl is surely marking her place in our hearts. As her loyal followers, we support her maestro to achieve a better online world.

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