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Different From Other Gauri Sawant - Tale of a Transgender Mother

This article is about a personality that will definitely touch your heart with a propelling story to support.

By Trishita Basu16

Different From Other Gauri Sawant -  Tale of a Transgender Mother

Our Society-

We summon our nature as Mother Nature. Have we ever thought that we don’t even care about the gender of this mother??  Probably we haven’t. In modern-day life, we talk about gender equality, gender bias, gender pay gap & so on. These are actually the compelling issues of a modern-day life & in some way or the other, we tend to sit back & think about these concerns. But what about the existence of the third gender in society??? Yes, we have stood by their sides, we have raised our voices for them, but we have not accepted them into our core. They are the Transgender. A community that belongs to mankind & is always isolated from the greater part of civilization.

Gauri Sawant-Her Journey

Amidst this traumatic outset, there is Man, there a Shri, who is the mother of a needy. We are talking of Gauri Sawant or as they named her, Ganesh. The son of a proud father suddenly lost her pride when everyone realized that this son is even worse than a dead body. With the early demise of her mother, Gauri found herself unfit to the setting of her household, where her father remained quite unsatisfied by her. But she never blamed him for his behavior, rather said that her existence was quite above the intelligence of her father.

Gauri became the mother of a four-year-old. According to her, it was all in the stomach. Though she didn’t hold the fetus into the womb, still the baby belonged to her stomach. She found this little girl in a sex worker’s den, where she left alone to her destiny when her mother died of AIDS. After the initial custody, that little girl retired in sleep that very night, by embracing Gauri’s stomach. That’s how Gauri developed a connection of a womb to stomach with this little angel.

Gauri Sawant, a social reformer & activist now, left her father’s house at the age of 18 with a sum of rupees 50 as her belonging. A hapless journey from Pune to Mumbai did not stop her from fighting.  She fought against every odd & that’s when the Sakshi Char Chowghi happened. It is a trust founded by Gauri that helps in the counseling of the transgender incumbents. It also supports & works against HIV. Gauri also worked in the Sex Worker’s cause, that’s where she found her another meaning of life that is, now her daughter, Gayatri. In one of the stage appearances, she confessed that once Gayatri’s mother was known to her as little as just a wink of an eye. Once, while she was working with the sex workers, this Bengali lady came to her asking for some pickle & smiled on the successful give n take between the two. Later when a colleague informs Gauri that the pickle lady died of AIDS, she was hardly concerned about the fact. Later, on the discovery of the little lash, Gauri saved her from being a part of any further trafficking racket & started to nurture her as her little one.

Gauri Sawant is the first petitioner before the Supreme Court for the adoption rights to transgender people. She was the pioneer of the situation where the transgender people were accepted as the third gender. She was more popular with her propelling story of becoming a fearless & justified mother when she featured on a commercial by Vix. In a span of 30 seconds, it rightfully ushered the story of this transgender mother in the thoughts of her daughter.

Here, let me again go back to my initial line of discussion over Mother Nature.  In other words, in my today’s story, Gauri is definitely a perfect fit as Mother Nature. For whom, we never judge the gender, we just feel safe underneath its refreshing & soothing shade.

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