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"Life's Best Lessons Seem To Be Learned From The Worst Times" - ENTREPRENEUR LEARNINGS FROM LOCKDOWN

Brief about how an entrepreneur is adapting the new changes / difficulties in lockdown

By Hiti Padh

"Life's Best Lessons Seem To Be Learned From The Worst Times" - ENTREPRENEUR LEARNINGS FROM LOCKDOWN

Lockdown has bought many things for people and businesses from all around, some turned positive and another negative. The world is turning virtual and digital after this coronavirus pandemic. The current season calls for compassion, care, empathy, forgiveness, and calm resolve, the slow transitions from shock to resistance, to a slow acceptance are aligned to any type of deep trauma that can be experienced in one’s life. It is a slow road towards owning a calm resolve.

As we exercise social distancing, we are learning to spend more time in solitude, with our own thoughts and lots of seemingly free time. Time we would have usually spent commuting, navigating traffic jams, having unnecessary meetings, or even that luxury of spending the extra 15 minutes of our lunch break. Suddenly all time is bulked into one full day of ‘unscheduled’ inactivity. Our resilient dispositions are being tested and they are slowly unfolding, whilst our capacity to surrender is taking on a whole new face. In this situation, employees working on a daily basis, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, etc all have been badly affected. 

The steps to follow will feel different to all and this is the time for compassion and forgiveness both to see.

“With the new normal beginning to feel normal, some learnings transpire. No doubt these last few weeks taught me some valuable lessons that will serve me well into the future.

Innovation Prevails -  As the age-old saying goes, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  the time of crisis has been a true inspiration for us all, from start to drive through pickup points. 

Think Opportunity Not Problem - Any change holds both challenges and opportunities. Specifically, a crisis provides the ideal ground to cultivate resilience, to become aware of your mental activity, and unhook from non-constructive thoughts, to say COVID threw the world a curveball is putting it lightly. Agility is paramount. The need for risk mitigation led to the lightning-fast implementation of projects.

Move Quickly But Move Strategically - When uncertainty hits, it’s tempting to throw your vision overboard and rush changes. Decisions made under duress may not be the best. Take the time to keep things in perspective and develop the right course of action.

We All Have Bad Days -  Though a tough pill to swallow, accepting bad days for what they are makes them much easier to deal with. We are (probably) experiencing the biggest crisis in our lifetime so don’t underestimate the mental impact this can have on you and the people around you.

Customer Experience Is Non-negotiable - With the risk of infection ever on consumer’s minds, companies have had to find new ways of offering superior customer experience. The companies that do this best, will come out strongest.

Reinforced Mission - Despite the lockdown putting a halt to some plans, it strengthened the belief in our mission to create accessible delivery for everybody.

Digitalization Is Mandatory - If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that online businesses prevail and digital transformation is non-negotiable.

A Strong Team Can Withstand Any Storm - Heading into the unknown is much easier with a strong team behind you. Nurture your team when things are going smoothly and they will trooper on when things get rough.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are – what matters is what you do. The shift to remote working taught me that anything can be done from the comfort of your home whether it’s hiring, onboarding, or account management. 

Productivity Isn’t Tied To Office Time - Having our entire teamwork from home has surprisingly upped productivity, which proves that independence and trust are tied to stronger performance.

Cabin Fever Is Real - When the fine line between home and office begins to fade, it’s just a matter of time before the computer brain sets in. Getting a change of scenery is the perfect remedy and will do one wonders.

Stay Active – healthy body, healthy mind. One of the few benefits of lockdown is the opportunity to reassess your routine.

Communication Is King, Bring Clarity To Disparity, Be Transparent, Office Moral Is Your Pal, Have An Attitude Of Gratitude.

We’re All In This Together – despite being isolated, the lockdown has been a unifying experience. From both a business and personal perspective, this means that every hardship, as well as every victory, has become a shared experience as we all deal with the continued effects of the COVID crisis together.

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