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Anuradha, A travel Freak who launched Her startup TravelHighway.com

Anuradha is one of them who quit her job to pursue her dream and ended up launching a startup.

By Mridulata Sen

Anuradha, A travel Freak who launched Her startup TravelHighway.com

When you have the passion to achieve your dream, no one can stop you. Anuradha was one of them she quit her job to pursue her dream and ended up launching a startup.

 Yes, she quit her job and launched a startup. She is a girl who chased her dreams.

 Let’s read to know about her journey:

 Anuradha was a computer science engineer who had expertise in programming. Her love for traveling and reading books was extraordinary. I say so because this is the reason she thought of launching her own startup.

 Her startup travel highway works for the travel industry by helping people discover and gather information about amazing places.

Travel Highway is a travel portal that aims to provide information about a place and the quick and easy way to access it. Be it the history of the place, weather, tourist attractions, things to do, hotels/accommodations, how to reach the destination and places nearby, and many more, all these are covered by Travel Highway.

 The startup can also organize trips for you. They also have itineraries for road trips, weekend getaways, offbeat trips, etc in their blog. This makes it easier for people to understand and explore the place more.

 For her, the only way to achieve success is determination, no doubt on what you have started to do, discipline, and a sailor-like vision so that she can steer towards the right direction or steer away from wrong.

 During this entire journey of building up the startup, the main thing that inspires her the most was the willingness her to travel to places! The idea came up when people came to her taking suggestions for “the Places to visit nearby for the weekend”. However, they came to her with hundreds of travel portals with more focus on bookings (hotels, flights, tours, packages, etc) and hard on any destination specification. So she thought of bringing in something that will focus more on the place specification along with stay and vice versa.

 Though the journey was not that easy as it seems to be! It was very difficult for her to overcome the mindset of avoiding taking risks. She says- “We all live by a clock and nobody knows when it is going to stop. Life is not simply a marathon, sometimes when it is required; you have got to sprint too. Winning is secondary. The thought of “I should at least have given it a try” could turn very fatal in the later part of life, if not handled in the initial stages. I guess that’s what motivates most of us who decide to take a leap of faith”.

 However, she never thought of giving up as the very moment she had that thought she recalled how it all started and what made her do all these. This thought process has always kept her keep going in all situations.

For her it always works, works, and works!

I’m sure that this story will definitely make you feel how the determination is all about. Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

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