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Business Motivation : What should Entrepreneurs do to become successful in covid-19 pandemic.

As corona virus effected every sector.. each and everyone are effected by the loss.. are you worried? Inorder to prevent from the spreading of virus one should follow certain to be successfull in your business? Can we run the business successfully? By following the guidelines given in article run a business successfully.

By Vinith Speaks

Business Motivation  : What should  Entrepreneurs do to become successful in covid-19 pandemic.

Introduction :

Since it is a pandemic taking place, covid -19 is spreading rapidly in the whole world everyone are worried about their health and secondarily about professions. For entrepreneurs in order to be successful they should develop the infrastructure and mainly the theme in order to safety concerns. By following such guidelines the business can run successfully up to the mark.

Important guidelines are as follows :
- Reducing meetings and travelling
- Designing remote working options
- Communicating transparently
- Giving the employees flexibility
- Considering insurances
- Turning your Business to Online platforms

Majorly below mentioned points to be considered for a successful business in pandemic :

Reduce conferences and travel :
Try to keep opportunities for exposure to the virus to a minimum. table any team conferences or hold them just about. Skip any conferences or different planned business travel. 

Establish an overseas work choice :
With lots of folks already operating remotely, there are heaps of free tools business house owners will utilize so groups can keep in contact and keep operating even though they aren’t within the same place.
Communicate transparently together with your customers

Everyone is facing this crisis along, therefore be clear regarding what your business goes through.
Give workers flexibility
Schools across the country are closing, as are offices, stores, businesses and industrial centers. With the country slowly moving toward total internment, you'll ought to be versatile together with your employees’ time.
Consider business interruption insurance
Business interruption insurance is also associate degree choice for you if you've got important business losses as a results of closing down from the pandemic. “Ask your underwriter regarding business interruption insurance to hide sudden major events and see what qualifies for coverage

No handshakes: Use a non-contact methodology for greetings.
Wash your arms: staff got to wash their fingers once they come back and whenever they enter the premises, as nicely as often within the course of the day.

- Try not to touch your face mostly, and inform personnel to try and do identical sanitizing
Constantly and sometimes make clean surfaces, comprehensive of doorknobs, handrails, the POS system, tables and desks.
Keep your staff and your customers safe with the help of being as proactive as doable regarding cleanliness.
- Shift your financial gain approach to online mode .
Chinese corporations, forced to confront the actual fact of coronavirus shutdowns before most yank corporations, give a blueprint for weathering this storm. As storefronts closed their doors and staff stayed in situ, savvy enterprise house owners shifted their financial gain strategy to stay aloof from serious losses.

- For instance, in Wuhan, the cosmetics leader Lin Qingxuan closed 40% of its stores — but the brand’s 100+ splendor advisors took to virtual platforms like WeChat to interact shoppers merely and growth on-line financial gain. “As a result, its sales in Wuhan achieved 200% increase as compared to the previous year’s sales,” writes Harvard Business Review.

-  If you’re closing your store, notice ways that to stay your personnel earning a check via merchandising on social media, putt your email list to express use or the usage of a video device to achieve new leads.

Turning business into online platform :

The business platforms must be changed to e - platforms for a better work environment ! Instead choosing for offline stores in the pandemic it creates contact between persons it may lead to vast spread of virus. In a online platform there are almost no chances of spreading of covid-19 . Online platforms can be better than offline stores for a business in covid-19 situation.

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