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Childhood Dream Can Be Fulfilled- You Must Know The Right Way To Chase It!

Success Story of Shreyas Talpade, an actor who is known for his art and brilliant performances in movies like Dor, Om Shanti Om, Golmaal Series, and many more.

By Mridulata Sen

Childhood Dream Can Be Fulfilled- You Must Know The Right Way To Chase It!

There are so many people who wish to fulfill their childhood dream but the question comes is it really that easy to do! Nothing is tough until you feel it to be. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled and chased. Similarly, there are so many people who wish to become actors or artists in the cinemas.

Mumbai the city that never fails to give you work and is the birthplace of Indian cinema. The same happened with this boy who had a childhood dream of becoming an actor.

It is always said that when you want something with all your heart, you will get it! The famous movie dialogue of “Om Shanti Om” says- “Agar Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaaho toh puri kaaynaat usey aapse milaane ki koshisho me lagg jaati hai.” A perfect way to say about this boy’s achievement. And yes nevertheless to mention this boy was a part of “Om Shanti Om” as well.

So, today we will read about Shreyas Talpade, an actor who is known for his art and brilliant performances in movies like DorOm Shanti OmGolmaal Series, and many more. Not only that, he had captured the minds and hearts of people with his role in the movie Iqbal by acting as a deaf and mute boy.

In some of his interviews, Shreyas had unfolded his experiences in the film industry and how he chased his passion.

“I grew up in a middle-class Marathi family. As a child, I was intrigued by movies and plays. I remember the time when I went to watch a theatre play. I was so fascinated by it, and it left a deep impact on me. The dream of becoming an actor was sown inside my heart. Eventually, that dream started growing and I started performing in various plays in school and college. To polish my acting skills and learn more, I joined theatre.” says Shreyas.

Upon further questioning, he even stated that initially when he told friends about his dream of becoming an actor they laughed at him. However, that laughter didn’t make him breakdown instead he becomes more focused on his dreams. He always wanted to do something on his own and decided to stay away from all the negativity that pulls him down.

At the beginning of the journey into the film industry was very critical. He said- “I would stand in long queues for hours to audition and keep visiting various studios only to get a ‘no’ from directors and producers. There were times when I was selected for a particular role but after a few days, they would call me to tell me that they need a popular face and deny me. It was so heartbreaking but I always took it up as a challenge and work harder.”

But he didn’t give up. A point even came into his life where he was fully devastated.

Somehow after all the struggles, density took a turn! He got opportunities from television serials and slowly from films.

The actor said- “I made the best use of all the opportunities and gave my best. Then Dor and Iqbal happened and I started getting praised by all those people who once criticized my dream.”

There was no more looking back after that. Today, everyone knows him for his work!

This is how a person should be focused on while chasing his/ her dream.

Everyone can fulfill their dream. One needs to have trust in themselves.




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