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Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous In The Changing season, Follow These Methods To Keep Yourself Safe

In the rainy season, only freshly cooked food should be eaten at home. Also, fruits and vegetables should be used only after washing them.

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Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous In The Changing season, Follow These Methods To Keep Yourself Safe

After the arrival of the corona epidemic, health awareness has increased among people and now people want to fall ill at least. Efforts are also being made to keep the immunity strong to avoid the disease. However, immunity always weakens when the weather changes. At the same time, diseases like viral fever and cold cough also spread fiercely. These diseases weaken the human body and if corona infection occurs at such a time, then the situation can worsen. To avoid these situations, it is necessary that you fall ill at least. Here we are telling how to avoid these diseases.

According to Dr. Vishal Sehgal, President, Portea Medical, we can keep ourselves and our family away from these diseases by taking some precautions. The symptoms of these seasonal infections can take the form of Covid-19, so it is important to be vigilant. COVID-19 spreads through droplets and air, and monsoons can be helpful in spreading the infection. Therefore, it is important to keep your immunity strong at this time.

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Avoid mosquitoes

It is most important to protect against mosquitoes during the rainy season. Always wear full-sleeved clothing and sleep under a mosquito net. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house. Use mosquito repellent. Fumigation to eliminate mosquitoes and insects in the house.

Personal cleaning

Wash your hands and feet whenever you come home from outside. Take a bath if possible. Eat less outside food and wash your hands with soap before eating. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief before coughing or sneezing.

Social Distancing

The importance of social distancing has increased in the Corona period. Most seasonal diseases spread like a corona. That's why social distancing is very important in this season. People with weak immunity, children, and the elderly should avoid going to crowded places. If it is necessary to go, then a distance of two yards should be maintained from the other person. Apart from this, also wear a properly fitting face mask.

Eat hygienic food

In this season, eat outside food at least and take special care of the cleanliness of food and water at home too. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly and eat them. Try to eat only fresh home-cooked food. Drink pure or boiled water. Eat seasonal foods that increase immunity to stay healthy during the rainy season.

Keep lungs healthy

It is common to have the problem of cold and flu in the changing season. To avoid this, consume hot water and take steam at least once a day. Along with this exercise like pranayama and yoga also keeps the lungs healthy.

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