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Frrole - International Social Intelligence Successful Startup Story

Frrole Social Intelligence - This exceptional Punjabi fellow, AmarpreetKalkat, and his group of two individuals – Nishith Sharma and Abhishek Vaid successfully turned his new venture' Frrole' into a phenomenal startup and made history. His venture depended on investigating tweets; sifting through the unimportant information and pulling out the helpful ones and algorithmically sorting out them under various classifications or kinds like occasions, arrangements, and substantially more.The organization has raised a heavenly attendant round of $245k drove by blessed messenger financial specialists in 2014.

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Frrole - International Social Intelligence Successful Startup Story

All of us dream of achieving something commendable in our lives. What if one incident changes your dreams into reality? It is something quite unexpected but yes, it actually happens with those of us who work hard enough. And one such dreamer is Amarpreet Kalkat, a simple ordinary man, who successfully managed to achieve his dreams.

This extraordinary Punjabi guy, AmarpreetKalkat, and his team of two members – Nishith Sharma and Abhishek Vaidsuccessfully turned his new venture‘Frrole’ into a fantastic startup and created history. His project was based on analyzing tweets; filtering out the irrelevant data and pulling out the useful ones and algorithmically organizing them under different categories or genres like events, deals, and much more.

Early Life

Amar Preet Kalkat is a computer graduate who passed out from Punjabi University and also holds an MBA degree in IT and Marketing. In 2011, he left his job at Nokia with the intention of starting his own venture Ciafo Techware and Frrole. Amarpreet was accompanied by his two precious gems like partners- AbhishekVaid- the chief marketer and Nishith Sharma-the the chief technician.


Initially, they focused on their traveling site ‘Travelomy’ which was a feature of their startup CiafoTechware. Frrole was one of the products of his startup that was mainly focused on which was commonly known as “The Social Radio project”.Amarpreet’s co-partners Nishith Sharma and Abhishek Vaid joined him at this time.

Nishithwas previously a marketing position holder at Jaguar Land Rover, Infosys Technologies, and Tata Motors. Abhishek was from academia and research background and had knowledge of Data Mining, Al for graduate students, Algorithm Design, and had written more than 5 research- papers.


The launch of the public beta version of Frrole by CiafoTechware in 2012received positive responses from all over the world. Within a short span of time, this startup gained popularity. So, they needed to drive themselves towards Frrole rather than other things. To fight the online competition against Google News, they soon released their android and iOS mobile app and display ads on Frrole. This gave them a wider reach.

A new direction to Frrole

In spite of his good approach, Amarpreet was never contented. The thought of making his website ad-free and sustainable was troubling him. With high hopes, he went to Silicon Valley, United States in April 2013 for a solution to his problem. His search ended when he encountered Rishi Jaitly who was working for Twitter and helped him to raise his business to a new level.


After great feedback from Rishi Jaitly, the business expanded and was ready for soaring. This was the time that Frrole Enterprise came into existence with a new touch to their original plans. Frrole then came to collaborate with Twitter data in August 2013.

Joint venture and other investments

Frrole was able to get investments of about $245k from Sharad Sharma who is the Co-founder and Governing Council Member of iSPIRT and Manav Garg (Eka Software). Other investors on the list include Google India’s MD Rajan Anandan, Sunil Kalra, and many more.


Frrole was selected for MS Accelerator and is now dealing with millions of tweets daily. Their first paying client reached them in September 2013. They are counted in one of the top companies in India today. After getting exposure for their business, they re-incorporated Ciafo Techware as Frrole in January 2014.

Growth Ratio:

Their current charge rate is USD $100 per month per data stream. Thus, they make about INR 100-200k as their revenue each year. Their analyzing data is expected to reach above 100 million from 10 million this year which is about 10 times the previous one! No wonder, Amar Preet has made history instead of just reading it.

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