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Having A Name Tag Of ‘Chinky’ To A Journey Of Being A Societal Transformer Sonia Broke All Stereotypes

Sonia Thiyam, a girl from North-Eastern Indian state of Manipur broke the societal stereotypes and become a Societal Transformer.

By Mridulata Sen

Having A Name Tag Of ‘Chinky’ To A Journey Of Being A Societal Transformer Sonia Broke All Stereotypes

Sonia Thiyam, a girl from the North-Eastern Indian state of Manipur completed her college in Delhi-NCR. After completing her college she moved to Bangalore to do an MBBS as her father wanted that she becomes a doctor.

"My father has always been fascinated with the profession of Doctor because of the kind of work they do, saving lives. For him, there’s no other profession as respectable as a doctor. That is why I pursued MBBS from Bangalore.” – Said Sonia. She completed her MBBS and started working with a hospital in Bangalore. Sonia fall in love with the city, she decided to settle down at Bangalore.

However, the “Chinky” tag always revolved around her as the societal stereotypes were not favoring her North-East-Indian looks but these stereotype mindsets were of no use against her determination and willpower.

Although, she was proud of her profession and it was enough for her to get all the respect she wanted. Still, as a courageous girl, she wanted to break this stereotype thought that judge or name a person based on the appearance. She decided that she will do something to change this mindset and will go miles no matter what pain it takes.

And guess what she did after that…

She put a halt on her successful medical practice and decided to become a fashion blogger! Yes, a fashion blogger!

She knew that’s the only way to hit society through social media. Don’t think the struggle only to change the mindset of people, convincing her family about her decision was another struggle. She somehow managed to convince her family and started her blog on the name of ‘Sheer Vanity By Sonia’. As she was a newly employed doctor and did not much savings. Yet, she hired a professional photographer. She decided that she will make her fashion sense bloom out. Her quirky sense of styling attracted a huge section of people. She even got interesting offers from renowned brands like Svarovski, Grazia, and Popxo. Sonia soon became a known face in the Indian fashion blogging industry.

It seems the journey is so smooth but it’s not as what it reads like. She did a lot of research and invested a lot to come to the reach of the audience where her work will be highlighted.

Today, Sonia Thiyam is not the only name in the fashion blogging industry in India but she is also a societal Transformation who created her own acceptance in the society.

We all in some or the other point in our life have been judged or bullied by the way we look, our skin color, our physic or maybe for our dressing style, even for our religion, and so on! But you should never forget we are our own fighters! Our own courage will make us survive in the crowd.

Sonia Thiyam is one such influencer who beat many odds to reach here. Her journey as a known fashion blogger is more of a successful social media influencer.  She is a symbol of hard work and self-love.

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