Go Global With English Learning "Hello" App

Are you an English lover? Learn with Hello English App and add a perfection feature to your personality. There are a number of people who use this application to crack their exams or to pass dream interviews or simply to impress friends. Try improving your English speaking with writing, reading, and listening skills. 

By Nishika Shah

Go Global With English Learning "Hello" App
Go Global With English Learning "Hello" App

In the last few years, there have been numerous critical changes that taken place in teaching and learning methods. And the same approach is observed all over India. A combination of innovation and training, results in an extraordinary result, whenever utilized along with a clear and correct vision. With innovation, teachers, understudies, and guardians have an assorted variety of learning procedures readily available. There are innumerous situations where improvement in training can be featured when it is grasped with innovation. Likewise  "Hello English – Language Learning for the Next Billion" is scripted to catch the enterprising track stepped by two youthful technopreneurs, Pranshu Bhandari and Nishant Patni, who exchanged their effective innovative professions in Silicon Valley and India to change over the complex issue of learning dialects into a perfect business opportunity. Their endeavor makes learning another dialect easy, charming, simple, and fascinating in contrast with repetition and drilling outdated teaching methods. 'Hello English', turned into the main English learning application on the India Google Play store.

Learning English is a dream of most of the Indians, and it is the main reason behind the rise in the students in English medium schools. But the question arises, is learning in schools enough? As we know, the answer is no. To stay updated regarding the latest vocabulary and make the least grammatical mistakes, Hello English App is here with lots of features that allow you to go “global.”

How the Founder Of Hello App Come Up With The Idea?

 When Pranshu Patni and Nishant Patni got migrated to Shanghai, China for a trade program. Being a veggie-lover he was stressed over how to speak with local people for food. So he took a stab at learning Mandarin through online courses, instructional exercise books and furthermore went to learning classes, yet because of his tightly scheduled day needed to quit during that time. Pranshu acknowledged numerous other things to gain proficiency with some different dialects yet because of their hectic day they can't do as such. Due to this idea, she exited her position as an investigator at Pitney Bowes in Gurgaon, to begin dealing with CultureAlley. Pranshu returned to her city Jaipur. There she began taking a shot at it. 

From the outset, they began with an online portal that could encourage dialects including English, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish, through numerous bits of preparing. Before long it got well known and in excess of 500 new businesses began to utilize it in their module. This couple didn't stop their exertion. They began building up the application Hello English which will be upheld by android, IOS, and windows. After it was created in October 2014 of every 8 months 1,000,000 individuals downloaded the application.

Hello, English is an application that allows its users to learn English through interactive modules and lessons. As one chapter is complete, the user moves to the next chapter. As per the report of January 2017 – the app had over 15 million downloads. This app functions on the fermium price model and is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Web users. 

The scoring of the tests decided on the performance of all the questions and ranges between 10 to 90 points. Scores of the communicative skills like listening, reading, speaking, writing, depends upon all the test items that assess these skills. 

About Hello English App:

  • The co-founders of the Hello app launched in October 2014 are Nishant and Pranshu Patni. 
  • The company of Hello App, CultureAlley is ranked 1st as the free Educational app and the best free education app to learn English. 
  • Hello, app awarded Google’s Editor’s Choice in 2018. Also in 2017, it was selected as India’s best mobile app by IAMAI. It was even declared as the best app by Google in 2016. 
  • This app allows the users to learn speaking English and Grammar from the languages like Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali, Arabic, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangladeshi, Tamil, Kannada, Chinese, Assamese, and many other languages. 
  • The free English learning course has been accessed by over 50 million users either to improve their English or to learn English from scrap along with grammar and vocabulary. 

Features of Hello English App:

  • It contains 100% free 475 interactive lessons that include conversational English, Grammar topics as well as vocabulary. The users are allowed to enjoy all these offline too. 
  • It includes interactive games, which helps to spend some time playing as well as learning. 
  • Also allows the users to have discussions with the teachers regarding their problems. 
  • It also has a 10,000 words dictionary which can be accessed anytime to solve the vocabulary problems.
  • Allows to practice through daily news and videos 
  • Also includes the modules with conversation and speaking practice. 
  • It also allows playing with friends, single-player or multi-user games. 
  • It also allows you to know your rank (citywide and countrywide).
  • The app also has embedded chatbots to chat regarding common questions. 

The latest update includes:

  • Selected as the Best of 2016 Apps by Google. 
  • The latest update includes an offline conversation game.
  • Now it also allows the user to create his profile by entering the qualifications and work experience. 
  • The toppers can update their photos which will be visible on the leader-boards. 

These were the details we wanted to share with you regarding one of the best English learning apps or say the Best free English learning app. Thank you very much for spending your valuable time on this article. Stay tuned to get further updates!

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