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Here's How A Lady Door-to-door Salesperson Became The Founder Of Many Companies With Million Dollar Revenue

Bhavna Juneja, who started her entrepreneur career at the early age of 17, as a door-to-door salesperson in Delhi, is now running many companies in USA and India with yearly revenue in million dollars. How did she do this miraculous work, let's see.

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Here's How A Lady Door-to-door Salesperson Became The Founder Of Many Companies With Million Dollar Revenue

It seems very surprising how a woman became the founder of many million-dollar companies from being a door-to-door salesperson.

Yes, it has happened. This is the real story of an entrepreneur woman Bhavna Juneja. She had initiated her entrepreneur career as a door to door salesperson at the young age of 17 years but now the scenario is quite different. She has recently become the co-founder of MPowered, an asset management company.

What Led Her To Do Become A Salesperson

When she was in her teenage, she used to see her mother working for whole the family consisting of Bhavna and her two sisters. It led her to take a decision to give her family financial support. In the defense colony, New Delhi, she began to work as a door-to-door salesperson of home décor items at the age of 16.

Her Entrepreneurial Graph Rises Here

After one year, she bought the list of international buyers of India Trade Promotion Organisation. Then she faxed each and every individual buyer on that list for being in partnership with them. One person in that list was David Dweck of SS Dweck and Sons, from Brooklyn, USA. That firm was a large importer for home furnishing items from India.

When David made a visit to India, he met with Bhavna and wrote a contract for her for being their agent in India. He also transferred an amount of $3,000 as a startup commission. This amount helped her in establishing the Spectra Shades International which was a buying agency that would source home furnishing and handicrafts in bulk and export to international buyers like Walmart, Kmart, JCPenney Macy’s, and Pottery Barn.

In 1996, when she completed her degree in science and interior design, she migrated to the USA. There she was appointed as an office receptionist at an IT startup company. In the USA, she convinced the leadership of that startup company to let her try the hands in sales, and finally, in the next year, she bought that company from its owner, and in a few years, she grew the company to the revenue of 10 million dollars.

After that deal, she put her investment in many businesses including technology, recruitment, healthcare, interior, etc.

Became A Millionaire

Further on, in 2013 Bhavna founded infinity which was a pharmaceutical and life science company. It is basically a woman-owned certified company. This company provides life science enterprises level IT services for biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices company at a global level. It has its own headquarter in Stanford, the USA, and operation units in the United Kingdom, Canada, and India. Within seven years this company crossed annual revenue of 35 million dollars. Infinity has been ranked among 500 companies in the Financial Times' list of America's fastest-growing companies in 2020.

Bhavna is also the owner of Venator which is an artificial intelligence-based recruitment process outsourcing company with its headquarter in the United States. It has its office in Noida also. By the end of 2020, its annual revenue is estimated to reach 2 million dollars.

Future Plans In Her Own Words

“While the pandemic may have closed some doors, it has also opened up a flood of other entrepreneurship opportunities. Especially, for real estate, the rise of eCommerce has led to a drastic demand for warehousing especially for a business where online brands are looking to set up last-mile warehouses to speed-up the fulfillment process for online orders. It has also led to a thumping demand for various kinds of new residential models that are greatly viable in the work-from-home scenario which many businesses will continue with, for the remainder of this year,” Bhavna says.

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