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Pawan Jain

Pawan Jain

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Pawan Jain

Pawan Jain, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee began his career as an entrepreneur right after his education. There aren’t a lot of people who have done that successfully and Pawan Jain is one of the few who made it. The constant oppositions and criticisms from family, friends and colleagues didn’t stop his venture to transform the dying Indian Supply Chain & Logistics Industry successfully, into a lucrative sector. He was able to achieve his vision in just four decades. He started his business, TransSolutions in 1975. After a roller coaster ride with his first start up, he went on to start Safexpress in 1995. For those of you who haven’t heard about Safexpress, it is now India’s most efficient, reliable and ever expanding logistics company. Pawan is a man who is primarily known in the logistics industry for his undoubtedly innovative skills & ideas and is widely considered to be the ‘Logistics Guru’ of India.

Early Life:

He was the first entrepreneur in his whole family and hence faced a lot of criticism from the very beginning! He saw great potential and scope in the area of trucks and transportation of heavy goods. He thought it was more profitable to provide services and logistics than just delivering goods from one place to other. Soon, the company had a net worth of INR 110-crores. With time, he also started a courier service business and founded ‘Overnite Express’ along with his cousin Om Prakash Rajghria in 1987. People had a lot of options and Pawan wanted to make his service stand out in the crowd. Pawan wanted to revolutionise the market but had difference of opinion with his partner. Pawan slowly pulled out of the company. He went out of the country to study for another six months and when he came back to India, he started Safexpress with a capital of 1 crore rupees.


His start up business Trans Solution could not be called a runaway success but it did well. Safexpress was his dream that came true. He realized the importance of two core values of ‘Safety’ and ‘Speed’ in customer’s satisfaction and thus named his company as ’Safexpress’. His vision was the company stayed true to their name and provided safe and fast logistics.

The Rise of Pawan Jain

Pawan started Safexpress in 1995 as a door-to-door service with just 4 routes, 9 offices, 12 container-mounted-vehicles and 20 employees. Pawan and his team worked hard day and night to win their customers’ trust and faith. Within a year, the company’s turnover was more than 40 crores. The business was so good that they had to open super hubs at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Pawan believed that one should never make long term plans and we should work on our short term plans so that we can easily adapt to changes. Following this ideology; instead of taking big strides, the company first launched ‘Integrated Logistics Services’ in 1997. Their first ILS domestic client was NIIT, whereas their first international ILS account was signed with Hilti from Europe. Achieving smaller goals regularly was what made the company successful. Safexpress increased its fleet to 250 and numbers of station to 270 in 1997 and on 1th

Due to the company’s genuineness and loyal customers, the company that was listing a growth of 35%, had grown by more than 1000%. And all this had happened within a decade. The turnover was now over INR 450 crores and currently is valued at INR 5 billion. Right now, Safexpress has become a global company with a team of almost 1400 people directly and another 40,000 indirectly.

Trans Solutions has also become quite successful and has added more than 300 vehicles to its fleet. Presently Safexpress has over 580 offices and 48 hubs & mega hubs pan India with the requisite infrastructure. All of it is put together and managed well by experts in the domain. All their offices are connected through dedicated network of GPS-equipped & all-weather proof vehicles, operating 365 days a year. In fact these vehicles are replaced every 2 years to ensure lower carbon emission levels and are driven by well-trained drivers.

Pawan believed strongly in giving back to the society. Safexpress contributed largely in times of several natural calamities. Some of such social initiatives taken by the company include Kill the Jam, Polio Eradication Campaign, Disaster Relief, Leh Cloudburst, Tsunami Rehabilitation, Bihar Floods, Gujarat Earthquake and lastly their Go Green initiative.


Achievements, Awards and Recognitions

The numerous achievements, awards and recognitions that Pawan and his company have received speak volumes about their success. While there are too many recognitions to be written about, here are some of the most notable ones: –

  • Received the Golden Peacock Award in 1999.
  • Declared as India’s “Largest Logistics Service Provider” by Limca Book of Records (2002 & 2003)
  • Received the Franchise Award (2004)
  • Received the MICO: Power of We Award (2005)
  • Received the prestigious RAI’s (Retailers Association of India) Award (2006)
  • Won the ‘International Business Excellence Award (2008)
  • Honoured with Glory of India Award by the Institute of Economic Studies in (2009)
  • Rewarded with the ‘Bharat Gaurav Puraskar’ by the Institute of Economic Studies
  • Received Entrepreneurship Award by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry & was presented to him by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister then.
  • Rewarded as the ‘CEO of the Year’ at the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards (2012)
  • Jain was conferred upon with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Franchise India in 2012 for his immense contribution to the Supply Chain industry in India.
  • He has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award by ELSC, Retail Leadership Award by Asia Retail Congress, Udyog Rattan Award, Indira Priyadarshini Award.

Pawan was a member of Advisory Committee of India’s Leading Management Institutes like Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, member of CII’s ‘National Committee on Logistics & Transport’, Institute of Economic Studies (IES), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the convener of ‘Policy / Procedural issues in Domestic trade’.

Pawan Jain is an inspiring personality and his values and ideas are something all budding entrepreneurs and youths will look up to him.

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