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Ramya Tulsi's Real-Time Journey From 12th Failed Student To Youth Social Activist - know In Her Own Words

At present, she is a youth social activist, writer & researcher by passion. She advocates about social dimensions of life and sustainable development goals through her writings and research and now working as a freelance writer for Growth facet digital agency. In the meantime, she has drafted a pilot project which aims at SDG 3: Good health and well being and planning to establish this as a non-profit organization after detailed planning and investment.

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Ramya Tulsi's Real-Time Journey From 12th Failed Student To Youth Social Activist - know In Her Own Words

Hello Peeps!!! This is Ramya tulasi here to share my journey from a 12th failed student to Youth Social Activist, a writer, and a Content creator/Freelance writer. Speaking from my heart I did not feel the zeal of life until I faced my first big failure in my 12th maths board exams. "Yes! You heard it right I failed my 12th maths board exams. That failure has given me an opportunity to look deep into my abilities and skills. " - That was the right time when I have taken a year-long break to access my self after 12th re exams. There started my life journey to a path of creating a change, addressing social issues through solutions & thinking in a way to create an impact through my writings. Though it was an idea in my mind after my under graduation in literal terms I started from starch firstly started by participating in online essay competitions and from there I have learned, unlearned, and relearned many things related to research and writing. It was difficult to learn all by myself but as I kept indulging more into writing I have got a good hand on it after I dedicated my day and night hard work and smart work into it. That one year of the break was a big challenge for me I was criticized, felt demotivated every day, felt I don't have a future, unlike normal kids, many people talking behind me that I am a failure in every family function I was part of all was very difficult to hear and hide my tears and feelings from my parents even. My parents were a big support for me at that time and even now.

But I had that will power to get up as strong as I can with my parent's support and face all my failures and mistakes with a smile while learning from my every mistake. In the mean, while I turned to be a youth social activist associating myself with national & international youth-led organizations & now I write on social dimensions of life and sustainable development goals as well and eventually further became a freelance content creator and researcher for a digital agency.

Personal Profile

I am a second-year master’s student specializing in Financial Economics at the University of Madras in the department of Econometrics, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and also a civil service aspirant. I have developed excellent leadership skills through my +1, +2, and degree as well. My determination and dedication are highlighted by my good grades in my NCC (National Cadet Corps) B and C certificates. I am also a passionate article writer in the field of social sciences & it’s been two years I have been into writing and research.

I am a recipient of the award ‘I am Xtraordinary’ as a delegate representing India in the International Youth Forum in India and an active participant as a delegate and secretariat member in various conferences and model united nations conference debates. Recently I represented India as a Speaker at “One Youth for one Nation”-SUNFO Global Youth SDG Conference conducted by SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS YOUTH NETWORK OF SRI LANKA (SDGYNSL) a virtual global summit held on 15TH August 2020. I believe in working the extra mile in any work that I take up. I have an instinct to inspire others by my work and by my positive thoughts towards life.

Past Work:

I have also worked as a “Public Policy Research Intern” under DR.Vikas Mahatme (Member of Parliament Rajasabha) and I have chosen to work under the Ministry of women and child development, Government of India and my work was to prepare a database in Excel sheets and information that can be easily understood by the common people that what policy is useful for them in minimal time. I have done a detailed SWOT and PESTEL analysis on the issues and schemes that come under the ministry. 

I have also worked as a “Research intern and content writer” with SDG INDIA STUDY 2019-2020. Here I have researched methods and techniques of eradicating poverty in my country India. As a part of this program, we have built upon a study that ensures the problems, methods, measures for the prevention of poverty and solutions to eradicate poverty from India.

I have also worked as a Research paper developer and content writer with eduasha a startup company that is working towards education and social work.

I also worked as a Blogging team head member for the Red dot foundation where I managed the blogs and article editing work.

 I have worked as a research and content writing intern for SDG Society where I have written articles and audio reports on SDGs concerning India and the impact of covid19 on India.

 Present Work:

At present, I am also a “contributing writer” at The Armchair journal (on matters of life). I write articles on various matters connected to our life and also a mentor for ArmChair Companions in guiding them about the promotion and marketing of the journal on different social media platforms and also engaging companions with regular talks on different topics and issues.

Presently I am appointed as “National Secretary for Research and Analysis Unit” for the National Youth Council of India.

I am also a country Ambassador from India for Kalinka (Russian organization) and have been a speaker for a few conferences conducted by Kalinka on different topics and will be implementing a project soon in the coming days.

I am also a country Ambassador from India for World Literacy Foundation where I am learning about advocacy & fundraising keeping literacy as a major priority.

At present, I am also a Research and Development Executive for Reimagining Society which is an international youth-led organization working for in the context of well being.

I am a Freelance Writer and Researcher for the Growth Facet digital agency.

Overview Of The Story 

There are some people who find it hard to overcome failure. As they come to a conclusion without making much assessment, judge their whole life on the basis of a single event of their life. And surely a single-phase must-have comes in the Ramya's Life. But she makes difference by overcoming that embarrassment of being failed in the 12th standard. And choose a life to give re-exam. Suicide is a common issue that we heard nowadays due to failure. We don't among them we lost our future gems. If Ramya also followed these steps then could we able to have such an inspiring social activist. So, VTV India personally advises our youth not to take a decision in pressure. Just hold your breath and look around people who are living in a worse condition than you. Other then this nothing can inspire you to the root cause. 

Keeping this in mind she is looking forward to establish a Not for Profit Organisation. This project struck her mind recently when she lost her friend due to suicide which made Ramya think deeper, analyze the problem and solution as well. We didn't know how much pain she was going through all the while, maybe she wanted someone to share her thoughts or many be only listen to her without judging her were all the things that arose in her mind. So she came up with this pilot project which has a prime directive that is aimed at working with Sustainable Development Goal 3 i.e. Good Health and Wellbeing. This project aims to bring down the numbers of suicide cases(A way of suicide prevention) by engaging the youth in different social activities enabling them to visualize a better future for themselves through productive social engagements with different organizations.

I hope you have loved learning about such a young social activist who despite uncounted failures able to frame her identity among the people by standing out of the crowd and making a difference as a changemaker today.

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