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Co-Founder Of Menstrupedia- Aditi Gupta (Indian Woman Entrepreneur)

Aditi Gupta's early life, her struggles, her inspiration and motivation , success story and how she started menstrupedia comic. Gupta is an indian Author and co-founder of the famous website menstrupedia. she is the woman mind behind this project, who's work was initially criticized but was then received positively by the majority online audience and by the media!

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Co-Founder Of Menstrupedia- Aditi Gupta (Indian Woman Entrepreneur)
Co-Founder Of Menstrupedia- Aditi Gupta (Indian Woman Entrepreneur)

Aditi Gupta- One Of The Most Inspiring Indian Woman Entrepreneur In Today's Age

With rapid changes taking place all over the world, women of our country have started making their own place in the business industry and are becoming the leaders of this generation. Today, women have been playing a vital role in the tremendous growth of the Indian economy and they have made an impeccable impact and have been successful in every domain. Women are the future and women owned businesses are playing a prominent role in the society and are inspiring all the other women to start their own businesses as their place is not just confined to being in the kitchen and taking care of their home!

Today we bring to you, Success story of one such woman entrepreneur, Aditi Gupta and how she created her empire in the industry!


Her Life And Inspiration

An Indian Author and co-founder of Menstrupedia comic, a girl from Garhwa, Jharkhand, India , Aditi was motivated to undergo a research on the topic "menstruation" because she herself dealt with the lack of awareness and education about the topic.She got her first period at the age of 12 and she herself was taught about it at the age of 15, whe she was in class 9.

She was from a family where when she got her period, she had to sleep in a separate room and was not allowed to sit in other people's bed, she wasn't allowed to enter the kitchen or the temple and she wasn't even allowed to touch a place of worship. She had to wash and dry her clothes separately and was not allowed to use sanitary napkins available in the market as buying them was considered a risk to her family's dignity, which led her to feel the need to study the topic and talk about getting rid of such taboos of our society. She bought her first sanitary napkin at the age of 15!

The Birth Of Menstrupedia And It's Success! 

Aditi met her husband Tuhin Paul in the National Institute Of Design where they worked together and found a lack of awareness about menstruation even among educated people.

 She collated information from doctors and girls which further striked her head to start a comic book with three young women and a doctor as the main characters. In November 2012, Aditi and her husband, Paul started Menstrupedia to spread more knowledge and awareness about the subject. The website has now become a platform that provides information on puberty and sexuality for pre-teens and teenagers.

Menstrupedia provides a guide to menstruation, puberty and hygiene and it also helps to break the taboos and myths that are carried on from generations!

The website has various comic books, blogs, Q&A section and a learn section too! These comics are available in 14 languages. Menstrupedia also leads several campaigns on such issues. Aditi was also listed on the Forbes India U-30 List ! 

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