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The Mental Health Disruption due to Covid-19 & subsequent Lockdown?

The Expert Advice on the mental well being during this pandemic condition is covered in this article. Here is the remedial method to a Healthy Life by the Experts themselves

By Trishita Basu16

The Mental Health Disruption due to Covid-19 & subsequent Lockdown?

The entire world today is under a massive situation. On one hand, the disease is increasing in numbers day by day along with the increasing number of panics; similarly, the outbreak caused a lockdown scenario all over the world that has drastically changed the basic lifestyle of the modern-day. The impact is very clear. Not only is our physical health under the risk, but also mental health. Every day's journey has become a pain for the mass. People are getting worried about their lives and situations, work conditions are being challenged by the pandemic conditions all over. Even the businesses are being affected radically by the lockdown and others. The spontaneity in people is giving away its charm. Overall, our productivity is under a big question. Thus, over a period of time, humanity has raised a fear, the fear of the unknown. Somewhere, the duty of an individual calls for the confrontation to an invisible force, and here we are talking about the Medical Workers. Somewhere the surrounding suffocation of an uncertain situation is taking over the charge of disturbing us badly. Moreover, our mental health is being affected. The survival of the fittest has taken a new shape altogether. The big question is, whether we are fit enough to survive or we are lagging apart.  The answers could be difficult, but may not be unattainable.

A noticeable occurrence is witnessed when the team of experts joined hands to discuss and raise the funds for the well being of the frontline health workers. The virus has widened its grasp on mankind. Here our experts also, have widened their arms to reduce the more malignant effects of it. Here, medical experts including Dr, Siddhant Bhargava, Dr. Karishma Vijan, Dr. Mulffi Ladakwala, Dr. Anjali Chhabra, and Deanne Pandey have a fruitful discussion on how to improve the health conditions and how to stay strong to fight against the Pandemic.

It was a live session hosted by the experts to spread awareness on the subject matter and also to raise the funds.  Let us throw some light on some of the important points that emerged out of the entire session.

The Impact of Corona Virus Attack-

The entire bunch of affected (by the situation) and infected people are afraid of a solitary deathbed. They are mainly scared of the unknown. This scenario is affecting their mental health more than anything else.

Let us Chalk out a Routine to Follow-

Generally, it is advisable to make 5 parts of the day.

  • Work Time
  • Time for a new skill to learn
  • Me Time
  • Time for Friends association
  • Time for the near and dear ones, the society, the nature at large.

This healthy bifurcation of our everyday chores will eventually release the stress and tension within us. Here it is the remedy only. You can still feel depressed. So you can reach out to your family members, the one whom you feel more connected with, friends, or finally to an expert to find a solution to this low feeling. But never try to be hidden. The smaller negligence can cause serious harm to yourself and your immediate family.

Keep Yourself Motivated and Energized-

We all hate the one morning term. That is a Workout. Fitness revolves around this only but at the same time, it is not always necessary to follow a strict regime. But it is necessary to get out of the bed and take a deep breath and start the day afresh. Keeping your body active is the key.  Find the reason to keep yourself active. A Japanese secret to this is Ikigai. If I am not wrong at all, this is the time to explore the bliss of it.

The number of cases found to be visibly reduced in Mumbai, with the number of daily increases reduced to 700 per day. But according to Dr. Muffli Ladakwala, people are getting their blood tests and scans done without actually going for the COVID tests. Hence the declining margins cannot be 100% true.

Do Home Remedies such as Haldi and Kadha eventually help in increasing immunity?

 The age-old and effective home remedies are being prescribed in the sense of increasing body immunity so that the body is protected from the virus attack. According to the experts, the possibilities are null. Dr. Siddhant has recommended not overdoing anything out of the hype. A balanced meal is key only. He added that if the age-old to date home remedies are followed relentlessly, it is not going to give any benefits overnight. No such miracle is in fact possible in a short span. But yes, we must follow our balanced diet regularly with the right amount of nutritional values and we do not skip our meals.

Hence, we must follow the expert advice in this case. Pandemic has definitely gauged an inhuman, disturbing feeling into us, but let us not take it into our brains. A free mind can dwell in every situation. It can fight against every odds, it can take us to the stress-free location. Let us join our minds and take a leap of strength. For more such fresh and healthy content, business news, recent happenings, and others stay connected with VTV India. Our motto is to make the world stress free, tension-free, and happy.

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