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These Five Mistakes Will Burst Your Road Trip Budget

Here you get an idea how to plan your road trip effectively

By Hiti Padh

These Five Mistakes Will Burst Your Road Trip Budget

A road trip is a treatment for happy souls and for reliving memories with friends and family. 

Drive down the cost of your vacation by avoiding these blunders.

Not Taking Your Car in for a Full Tune-up Before Departing 

On a long road trip, your car can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. To increase your chances of the former, schedule a full tune-up a week or two before you go. Having a pro check your oil and tire pressure, and make sure your battery, brakes, and engine are working properly, will keep you from being stranded on the side of the road or calling AAA for a tow just a few hours in.

Paying Top Dollar for Gas

Start by downloading GasBuddy on your smartphone. Using real-time fuel price information reported by other users, the mobile app (available on Android and iPhone) can direct you to the cheapest gas stations along your route. Another way to conserve fuel is by packing your car lighter, so unload excess weight before you hit the road. Also, studies show using cruise control on highways can maximize fuel efficiency.

Overspending on Lodging

 Book for your accommodation well in advance so that you get good discounts and land up in good savings. Plan it wisely, use mobile apps and portable tents for your use.

Trying To See Too Much

 Almost sounds counterintuitive to what we have already discussed before, but if you are trying to put too many things into your day, chances are that your tight driving schedule will make it impossible to relax. There should be time left over to account for bad traffic or make spontaneous stops. Being able to relax is one of the fun parts of the road trip.

Eating Out Every Meal 

Dining out costs money. A lot of money. But you don’t have to eat out every meal when you’re on the road. Plan ahead by stashing some food in a cooler, like deli sandwiches for lunches. Non-perishable snacks are also good to have on hand. Protip Pack nuts, potato chips, crackers, and other foods that won’t melt in a hot car. Of course, some meals are worth the splurge, like that four-star restaurant overlooking the ocean. But when you do eat out, always check for deals and coupons on Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.

Other points to be kept in mind are Not Doing The Research, Forgetting About The Scenic Route, Too Much In A Single Day, Missing Out on Free Entertainment, Road Tripping to Big Cities. 

Plan your road trip according to your budget and requirement where you can enjoy every phase of it. Check for deals or discounts available on your route of the journey. Carry enough food, water, portable tent, medicines and first aid kit, etc which will help you in your way during your journey. Make your trip memorable one with people around you and create an amazing experience. 

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