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YouTube Sensation,Bhuvan Bam Is Now Becoming a Popular Brand

In this age of digital renaissance, Bhuvan Bam is someone who is not only entertaining but also one of the most prolific and successful content creators of the Web. He started his journey from uploading 20seconds video on Facebook and now after millions of subscribers and hundreds of videos, a talk show host,a singer is an inspiration for many youths who want to do something on their own.

By Bristi Deb

YouTube Sensation,Bhuvan Bam Is Now Becoming a Popular Brand

The journey from nothing: Having a not so talented background in academics, Bhuvan chose to do something with music, his passion from childhood. He has always hated being rejected and comments," 5-6 years back, If you wanted to put up in your talent in front of anybody who had to stand to in a long queue so that they can reject you."

Introducing to YouTube: Bb was completely unaware of earning through content videos. He used to post his 20seconds videos on Facebook and but from a friend's suggestion, he started to post on YouTube. Out of a mere shock, his first bulk of viewers was from Pakistan. Gradually it came to Indian viewers and within 5 months he started to have an immense response.

Characters that Viewers love to see:  Bhuvan plays a set of 19-20 characters by his own self, changing the attires, style, and mannerisms. Most of them are inspired by real-life, whom met them personally. 

"My parents complain a lot that I show them as dumb. But I started off with a set of parents, my three best friends, and then added Titu Mama, which is modeled on my own Uncle. And the other characters are also portrayed on them, Bhuvan met over the street.", says the entertainer.

Consistency in maintaining the Peak-place: Even after having over 18 million subscribers, he still uses his phone's selfie camera to record his videos. He easily can afford a tripod, a DSLR camera, or a proper shooting setup. But the entertainer believes his audience loves to see him and his characters with the side view or the shaky screen and all, it helps common people to relate much.

Coping up with Competition: As he says,

"As long as there is YouTube, there will be competition. I take it as an inspiration and move along"

He only bothers about content quality.  From five videos a week, his content has whittled down to two videos a month. Because he doesn't want quantity but quality.

He says,

" I don't want people to say Bb's that video is not up to the mark. I cannot disappoint my audience "

His new endeavors: Music videos are being launched parallelly with the comic ones and are successful too. Those uphold beautiful stories which clearly show his passion for music.

"I have 30-35 songs in writing which I am going to launch them gradually and want to show the people that I am not always laughing"

 Besides the has his own talk show, Titu Talks which highlights the current dark scenarios of our society in a comic way. Because he wants to do satire but not indulge any kind of insulting comedy.

Next Door: About his future, Bb speaks,

"I rarely think what I would do within the next two months not more than that". 

He always thinks to do something with which he can maintain his audience's expectations and keep them up with unique and healthy content.

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