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6 Awesome Picnic Spots Near Gwalior For All Those Seeking Quality Time With Loved Ones In 2020

Gwalior as a place of picnic spot is described briefly

By Hiti Padh

6 Awesome Picnic Spots Near Gwalior For All Those Seeking Quality Time With Loved Ones In 2020

Gwalior is the magnificent city of forts and temples; one that is etched in the history of the making of India and will always remain unforgettable in its contributions to an independent India. This city is located in Madhya Pradesh and it proudly boasts the culture and heritage.

The 6 awesome places near Gwalior as follows:-

1)Tigra Dam - Indulge Yourself In Water Sports. Tigra Dam, also known as Tig Dam, creates a freshwater reservoir on River Sank, about 23 km from Gwalior. It is not only the primary water reservoir that serves the entire. Enjoy the stunning views this reservoir provides as well as indulge yourself in water sports and speed boat rides available here at Tighra Dam. It is one of the most popular one-day picnic spots near Gwalior, and one can experience a fantastic time with their friends and family here at Tighra Dam.

2)Nalkeshwar Mahadev - This temple is located near the Tigra Dam near Gwalior and it is said to be Rishi Galav’s abode, one of the most eminent sages associated with Gwalior’s history. Nalkeshwar features a wedge-shaped gap in the rocky plateau terrain from where a gushing waterfall emanates and falls upon a small pond which is in the form of a stone cow’s face (Gaumukh). It is not only a significant place of religious importance but serves as one of the best places near Gwalior for a picnic.

3)Bir Singh Palace - The Bir Singh Palace also known as Datia Palace is a popular one-day picnic spot near Gwalior. The architectural masterpiece is made only using bricks and stones. A perfect blend of Mughal and Rajput culture is reflected when you visit the fort. 

4)Behat/ Utila Fort - This is popularly known as Ranaon ki Garhi is a small fort. The fort is situated up a hillock and provides stunning views of the rocky plateau region Madhya Pradesh is well-known for. Not only is this place historically important, but it also serves as a picnic spot for tourist groups consisting of families and friends near Gwalior. The peaceful atmosphere and the stunning views of this city make it one of the best places near Gwalior where you can enjoy a picnic.

5)Orchha Fort Complex - Orchha is a quaint town located in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh known for its temples and pristine rivers. Situated close to Gwalior, Orchha is an ideal place for not only a weekend getaway but also an amazing destination for picnics! There are many palaces in the places which you can explore with your loved ones and later, relax by the river as you let it soothe your mind and soul. Orchha Fort Complex is one such interesting picnic spot near Gwalior. 

6)Bhadawna Waterfalls - It is one of the major monsoon getaways from Gwalior. Situated amidst the Aravalli range where Gwalior comfortably nestles and around twenty-six kilometers away from the heart of the city, here you can enjoy the pure air and gushing flow of clear water from the crest of the rocky plateau terrain. Make sure you try out the famous local combination of Chai and Bhutta (roasted maize/corn) when you are here at Bhadawna Waterfalls. The beauty of this place and its proximity to Gwalior makes it one of the best picnic spots near Gwalior station.

 All these spots provide a family-like atmosphere and will definitely not disappoint you when it comes to giving you a space for rejuvenation. So, pack your picnic baskets as you plan your trip to Madhya Pradesh and look forward to awesome picnics!

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