Ashutosh Johri - Miraculous Music Composer and Producer Interview

Today VTV India comes with miraculous music composer and producer interviews that use music to reinforce individual personalities and moods. He told us that music is a passion for him and that he does not like to compose music on a solo format. He loves to experiment with music, beats, and genres, etc. His experimental personality takes him to greater heights.

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Ashutosh Johri - Miraculous Music Composer and Producer Interview

Over the span of history, music is the best production of humanity. Inventiveness in the unadulterated and undiluted structure is the genuine meaning of Music. Music is a significant piece of our life as it is a method of communicating our sentiments just like feelings.

A few people think about music as an approach to escape from the agony of life. It gives you help and permits you to diminish the pressure. Music is an incredible treatment that will make you quiet down and offer satisfaction, it will make you merry. Moreover, it builds up the brain and lifts your self-assurance. Music assumes a more significant job in our life than simply being a wellspring of diversion.

Today VTV India comes up with the Miraculous Music Composer and Producer Interview who makes the use of music to strengthen the individual personality and mood. He told us that music is a passion for him and he doesn’t like to compose music in a single format. He loves to do experiments with music, beats, and styles, etc. His experimental personality takes him to greater heights.

If we discuss Mr. Ashutosh Johri's behavior and living pattern – We surprisingly find out that he carries his life in a very simple way. He is down to the earth's personality. Being a famous personality also doesn’t possess a bit of ego and attitude that connects us more. He has the least interest in photography. According to him, music is the best tool that makes your memories inevitable and immortal. His studio is headquartered in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s have a look at the interview session that surely makes you happy and you love to meet this personality once in your life.

Give a short narrative about your stunning personality.

I am a freelancer music composer, sound engineer, and producer. I compose songs, animation projects, sounds, and much more. Music is my passion. I arrange and craft music as well on a contractual basis. Wholly it is my job that I can do the whole day or night. As I do this for passion and interest.

What is your success Life Mantra?

Success mantra for me is to stay positive, no matter what the situation is. And you must accept reality. You cannot move forward in your life until you accept reality.

What is the best way to overcome failure?

To overcome failure, I must say, first you need to understand one thing that failure is a part of life. It is present in everyone’s life whether you are successful or unsuccessful. So, whenever you face failure keep your outlook positive and have some thoughts about the people who are going through more crises than you. It will give you the strength to overcome.

What is the most challenging event in your life so far?

The most challenging event that - " I faced was in the year 2013. As I manage professional light and sound for shows, there was an event of the Indian army. It was held at Kulwant Singh stadium and it was three days event. I was taking care of all the technicalities of light and sound. There is a movie regarding the history of Meerut. So I have done the background scoring and recording of that movie. I directed the visual parts as well. That all job is quite challenging. I was working with my friend, it was a duo job. We work day and night for this.  There was a col. Arun Hariharan under whom I have worked. He used to provide us all the details regarding work. We made a documentary on the history of Meerut from Mahabharat Kaal till last Pakistan wartime. We have completed that Documentary in 75minutes. Hence, it was a challenging job for me as it was presented to the high authorities of majors, generals, leading people, principals, students, etc, so I want everything to be alright."

Are you are satisfied with your job?

Yeah, absolutely I am very satisfied with my work as music is my passion. I think anybody would be satisfied if he received what he wishes for. And music is a very creative field.

There are many people who find themselves unable to recognize their talent, how does one recognize their talent or interest?

I have heard from various people that they don’t what is the talent they possess. First thing, if you aren’t able to recognize your talent, skills, and interests. It means you are lacking with the self-assessment. Because nobody in the world can know you better than you. The simple trick to recognize your talent is that work that makes you happy or you can do it for long hours without any boredom. It can be best if you can turn it into a venture.

Share one habit that makes you more productive?

My habit of doing a deep assessment of everything makes me more productive. When I received any project I love to do a deep study about it before beginning. For example – If I get a project to add sound or music to any poetry. First I make a thorough study about the poetry and then create background music accordingly.

What are the three qualities individual must possess to become successful?

  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Positivity

These are the top qualities individual must possess to become successful.

What is the fundamental reason for your success?

It is me only actually because I always willing to do it doesn’t matter what the circumstances. Maximum I learned from myself.  

Share the quote that inspires you most?

“Always look forward To creating your Upgrade version”

Which destination do you want to explore?

I want to explore the south industry as it is different from Bollywood. And they are very talented and technically very strong. They possess several genres and instruments about which many people don’t have any idea.

One Tip To Success

Don’t Quit – Keep trying, keep moving, and keep doing

What are the things that help you to stay motivated?

Positive affirmations help me to stay motivated.

I hope you loved reading this entire interview session of wonderful Music composer and producer Ashutosh Johri.

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