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Positive Aspect Of Coronavirus - Rise Of Home Bakery In India

Trending Startup home bakery is growing in the Indian market rapidly. Due to some of the main features of home bakery products, people choose a home bakery over a commercial one. There are some reasons behind the home bakery expansion in India.

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Positive Aspect Of Coronavirus - Rise Of Home Bakery In India

It is quite unfair to give something completely negative outlook. As we all agree that everything consists of both negative and positive aspects. Likewise, we all know about the negative aspects of coronavirus but it also has some positive aspects which remain to be known. The rise of a home bakery in India is one of them.

Let's talk in detail about this trending startup. As we all know that eating from the outside setting can be dangerous. The home bakery also comes as a beautiful occasion for housewives and foodies. There are some women who like to cook. But due to some challenges, they could not continue their passion or desire. Due to the epidemic, when everything stops, there is no option left. They start looking for options on their family member's birthday, anniversary, or any other event. Therefore, Home bakery is so far the best option to fulfill this particular need and passion.

Do you know that home bakery is a new concept that you will be surprised to know that it has recently grown by about 10%? It is one of the largest food processing segments. In 2018, the worth of the bakery market reached 7.22 billion in dollars. Most arena of the bakery is covered with biscuits and bread. These two items are taken by most of the people in their breakfast. India comes on the second rank in the biscuit production.

Top Reasons Behind Home Bakery Expansion

Home Bakers brings out a diverse change in the commercial market of bakers. There are several reasons behind the rise of the home bakery.

Personalized Touch

The best feature of home bakeries is that they give a personal touch to your cake. You only have served options, when you get your cakes and bread from commercial stores. But home bakers offer products as per consumer choice. They put in extra effort to keep the product healthy. The consumer does not have to worry about hygiene. The use of organic products makes their baked cakes, biscuits, and bread healthier. The best thing about home bakeries is that they do not cook for commercial purposes, but just to follow the passion. Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal - Managing Director of Norex Flavours Private Limited believes that "Hygiene, taste, personalized touch and use of household ingredients, they are now becoming permanent customers of home bakers."

Good Newz For Home Bakers.- Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal added they are soon coming up with a B2B online portal - to boost the spirit of the home bakers by providing world-class flavors available for them in small quantities. So remember to check out if you want to serve by adding some mesmerizing flavors to your products.


Commercial bakers charge more than home bakers. As they have a special team for this and they also need to pay. But this is not the case with home bakers. They use some handmade materials to make products. Therefore their charges are affordable and reasonable. They have no additional customer burden. They have only a few customers to serve, so they work with interest and fun.

Customer Get what they expect

Every order from Home Baker is unique and creative. They do not make many cakes or pastries with similar tastes. Commercial bakers prepare cakes and pastries in advance so there is no guarantee of freshness. But Home Bakers blessed you with fresh products. Therefore, customers finally get what they expect. It is one of the reasons home bakery soon takes over commercial bakeries.

Best Time To Start Business

Facilitate With Home Delivery

To expand their business, home bakers have also started home delivery. It also provides convenience to the customer. They send gifts for free to build an emotional connection with the commercial one. So this is also one of the reasons why people choose home bakers over commercials. The best part of their home delivery is that they do not hire outsiders for this particular task. But someone from their close contact delivers the product to the customer in good condition.

Key Benefits Of Home Baked Products

  • Home-made foods are healthier than commercial ones. As in order to increase the production commercial bakery shop uses various preservatives and chemical.
  • Home bakers make use of organic products.
  • According to the mental health doctor, baking is good for mental health. It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Home-baked products are available at a reasonable price.

These are some of the main reasons behind the expansion of domestic bakery in India. It also gives wings to housewives and they feel productive. There are very few who value and respect their domestic duties. So earning respect with capital, the home bakery is the best startup.

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