Vital Player Of Norex - Vaibhav Aggarwal Hypnotize People's Senses By Different Aromas

Vaibhav Agarwal, CEO and Managing Director of the company NOREX Flavors Private Limited brings a significant change in the field of flavor and fragrance. His hard work and dedication have brought Norex into the limelight.

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Vital Player Of Norex -  Vaibhav Aggarwal Hypnotize People's Senses By Different Aromas

Flavor and Fragrance Matters - Vaibhav Aggarwal

From the very moment of birth till old age, life divided into different flavors and fragrances. Nowadays, it is covering a vast part of our personal to professional life. We always love to eat flavored food and prefer to use good fragrance personal care products. The fragrance core is so strong that it is capable enough to change our vibes in seconds. Today, VTV India comes with one such personality who truly redefines the terms flavors and fragrances and that is Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal who has given personalized touch to the aroma industry. He is the Managing Director & CEO of the renowned company Norex Flavor Private Limited, Dhanaura who has poured extra knowledge, time, and emotions in bringing Norex from the darker place to the spotlight. It is not formed in a day. It was his family business and he has taken it to the next level with his hard work and dedication.

May you have heard the quote – Tiny efforts Goes A Long Way

He believes it and continued his tiny efforts from the last twenty plus years and end up making a brand ‘NOREX’ famed in the world. He always put extra effort towards the reliability and quality of products and services.

Without any delay let's move towards the exclusive interview session with an astonishing and positive personality Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal. I hope his answers surely inspire you. 

His Social Work

He is not only a good entrepreneur but also loves to do things beyond the business sphere for the betterment of society. He always keeps himself active in the public welfare programs and embarked on a great effort to bring positive changes in the lives of the underprivileged by demonstrating a wide range of socio-economic, educational, and environmental initiatives. In his life journey so far, he has done various training programs, free health check-up and treatment camps, education campaigns, recycling of material agenda, conservation of natural resources program, development of the environment-friendly process, charitable programs for poor people.  

Farmer Welfare Programme Launched by him as he believes farmers are a significant part of the basic foundation of our country. As you know most of the farmers belong to the underprivileged section. The main motto behind this initiative is to make improvements in the agriculture section and farmers' condition. In this program, he distributed free seeds and gives education on good agricultural practices.   

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - He proved this statement of Mahatma Gandhi true by doing loads of social works.

His Awards & Achievement

In his life journey, he has received appreciation from the Government of India for his harmony and actions. He won the "Trishul Award", "Gold Award" and "Certificate of Merit" several times by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Government of India. He made NOREX the ultimate brand and has earned huge appreciation from all over the world for its organic and natural products, as most of the products are extracted from nature.

Without any delay let's move towards the exclusive interview session with an astonishing and positive personality Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal. I hope his answers surely inspire you. 

Give a brief intro to your magnificent personality?

I am glad to be here for this interview. Thanks for given this chance to show me. I’m Vaibhav Agarwal, a Managing Director & CEO of Norex Flavors Private Limited. I joined the family business in 1998 after completing my engineering graduation and blessed with a caring wife and two lovely kids.

Please provide a brief overview of your product and service?

At Norex we are engaged in four product verticals which are backed by two states of the art manufacturing facilities. The verticals are namely, Menthol & Mint Products, Flavors, Fragrances, and Essential Oils. Our products are widely used in different industries segments, namely Health & Hygiene, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Personal, and Home Care.

What inspires you to build the above product and service?

Innovation and desire to do something different inspire me to create NOREX a quality source to arrange flavors and fragrance. Creating a perfume or flavor is an art. The inspiration comes from nature, from our daily life, where we see and explore the different opportunities and applications.

How did you come with the name of your company?

By the way, the company actually started with a family name in 1994 called Narain Terpene & Allied Chemicals, which was a family partnership firm. In order to support all the growth we were getting, we incorporate it into a private limited company in 2008 and at that time decided to go with a name that is easy and unique. So, while going through an online dictionary I got this word NOREX which is the synonym of an elite person. The name was cool, trendy, and inspiring therefore, I went with the name Norex Flavours Private Limited.

How did you raise funding for your venture?

The seed capital was from accruals from family, however from the start of the company we were associated with State Bank of India. SBI has been instrumental in our growth and supported us every time we have gone for our capital requirement.

How do you build a successful customer base?

The customer base basically is dependent on the quality of products and services. Therefore, I went up with innovative products, but it is not enough if you are not giving great customer service. I would attribute our successful customer base to great after-sales support.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

The key driving force for me to become an entrepreneur is my Value Addition through innovation, legacy, and teamwork. Although can’t deny, an enhanced income is also a factor.

How do you market your business and which tactics have been successful?

We are taking a balanced approach, which is a blend of traditional offline and online both kinds of marketing opportunities. We love to meet clients, send them samples to demonstrate them in person through one to one meetings or exhibitions. At the same time, we also make use of social media and Google search engines as you know they both are a superb marketing tool. I think one of the most successful tactics in marketing is to keep your customer updated about recent changes in market trends on a regular basis. Most of the customers appreciate updated information.

How did you build your team?

Building a team for your business is the core part. You need to identify roles. I recognize roles for different team members and their values. I equip them with strong communication and flexibility. I appreciate their actions and stand with them in their failures.

How do you generate new ideas?

Brainstorming and identifying the gaps are important tools for generating new ideas. In today's world, you can get an idea from the end number of things. Social media and travel are the two prominent sources to generate ideas. 

Did you experience failure if so, what did you learn from them?

Everyone knows about this clear-cut fact – Failure is an essential part of a success story. But some people don’t able to believe or accept it. Life is not like a fairy tale where everything is smooth and magical. But more important is that you learn from your failures and apply corrective action and preventive action.

What is the role played by the flavors in our life?

Flavors are everywhere. Whether you start your day by brushing your teeth, in your breakfast cereals, yummy yogurts to different foods you consume throughout the day. Smell, taste, and sensory are the three major aspects of life and they all add flavor to the people's lives.

Do you love to travel?

Yes, I am an avid traveler and have traveled to many destinations worldwide.

What are your favorite travel destinations?

I would say, Cote d’ Azur area in Southern France, I love most. Spain and Switzerland are also good places to explore according to me. In India, Kerala I like very much, and some less discovered hills of Uttarakhand.

Top three Qualities that an individual must possess to become successful in life?

If a person has three qualities in it, patience, loyalty, and will power then success will definitely come.

Share any habit that you wish to change?

I spend a lot of time on social media which I want to minimize.

What is the important lesson you have learned from your till date life journey?

Money is important but cannot replace your family and health. So I recommend everyone to prioritize your loved ones and health.

What would you advise the startup entrepreneurs?

  • Have Willpower
  • Invest wisely
  • Don’t get trapped in loans from the start
  • Keep control of your expenses.

The most important thing is to treat every person with respect, whether rich or poor.

How did you define success?

Success is how you are able to positively impact the lives of people associated with you or in society.

What’s your personal manner to balance work and life?

Tough question. Time management is key. Delegate responsibilities to your peers. This will not only make them feel important but also will bless you with more time for your life.

Tell the top 3 mobile apps that make your work more effective?

Whatsapp – A great tool of communication

Linkedin – To stay in touch professionally

Google Suite Apps

What is your life success mantra?

Be Thankful. Have confidence and be grateful to others.

Give One Tip To Success.

Don’t Give up.

I hope you loved reading this exclusive Interview session of an astonishing and positive personality, Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal. Get in touch to learn about more positive personalities like him.





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