"Wolf Of Bar Street" Owner Arjun Chaudhary Raising The Standards Of Bar With Premium Flavors

There are a lot of Bar running across India but “Wolf Of Bar Street” Stands alone in terms of hospitality and product service. Let's scan the exclusive interview of the "Wolf Of Bar Street" Owner - Arjun Chaudhary.

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"Wolf Of Bar Street" Owner Arjun Chaudhary Raising The Standards Of Bar With Premium Flavors

Wolf Of Bar Street is on the Trend! After an exclusive interview with the owner of the "Wolf Of Bar Street" - Arjun Chaudhary, we realize how cocktails & mocktails flavors add value to our life. we spoke on many things, but Wolf Of Bar’s journey as a bar owner is one that truly inspires us.

He believes that "To break the rules, one has to ideally know them. Experiments and innovations have to be based on a solid foundation of knowledge and hard work."

He has worked as a pre-opening member with brands His journey in the bar culture and service has begun 12 years ago, back in 2008. He has worked as a pre-opening member with brands like -Hard Rock Cafe, Quality Inn Hotel, etc. In 2013 I have joined a massive restaurant group as Head Bar Mixologist (PAN India) and launched some of the Best Restaurant Brands of India. Recently @ Wolf Of Bar Street® (from the Year 2016 - 2020) He has launched many Bar / Restaurants in, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa & Pune. Where in 2 upcoming projects from HYDERABAD  & MUMBAI  are in line to be completed by April 2020.


  • Wolf Of Bar Street® recently got Awarded  in PARIS as

INDIA’S “ BEST BAR CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR 2019” by Elite Magazine India @ the prestigious Elite Nightlife Awards 2019 Season 4 which was held inside THE EIFFEL TOWER,  PARIS on 11th August 2019.

  • In the Year of 2018Wolf Of Bar Street® got Awarded in DUBAI as  INDIA’S “ BEST MIXOLOGIST OF THE YEAR 2018” by Elite Magazine India @ the prestigious Elite Nightlife Awards 2018 Season 3 which was held at BURJ -AL-ARAB DUBAI on 11th August 2018.
  • In the Year of 2016, I became the First & the Only Bar Mixologist in the Country to appear on a NATIONAL TV Show-- Master Chef India Season 5 on Star Plus as a Guest Mixologist wherein I have conducted few masterclasses and training sessions.
  • Also made a Guest Judge Appearance on a TV show on Discovery Channel India called India’s Best Jobs with Master Chef Ranveer Brar.
  • Wolf Of Bar Street®is also extensively collaborated with various media like LBB, The Man Magazine, ELITE Magazine India, Mid- Day, Vogue, Verve, Radio Fever 104 FMetc, providing professional coverage on an array of topics related to hospitality.

 Experimental Personality Arjun Chaudhary Exclusive Interview Is Right Here. If you are looking for positive vibes then must read out the complete interview questionnaire. 

Give a brief intro to your stunning personality?

I am Arjun Chaudhary, aka Wolf Of Bar Street® –Restaurant Connoisseur, Bar Mixologist, Bar Chef, Entrepreneur& Entertainer -- working my magic in the city of dreams & magic Mumbai. After being a part of many collaborations and start-ups in the industry, I have embarked on a solo journey, and together with my team, I am here to introduce the original and unique “Bar Cuisine” concept to the world of food and drinks. I believe in trendsetting and bringing change about, my purpose in life and work is to entertain humans and to bring new bar & dining culture to India.

“Wolf of Bar Street” is quite an exciting name. How do you come with the name of your business?

Actually, my personality is funky and I am a one-man show, so that’s the reason that I come with the name “wolf of bar street”. There was one of my friends who you used to say that I work like an alone wolf. And after that many, more people start calling me a wolf of a bar. From there I got the inspiration and idea to run a bar with this particular identity – “Wolf of Bar Street”.

What are your plans?

The Journey so far has been Super fun & Big learning, we plan to stretch our Arms not just across India but Globally. Taking Indian Hospitality Industry to another level & forming a culture where everybody who wishes to enter in this industry gets fair Business Opportunities & growth - whether its the Restaurateurs Or Chef's Or Bar Mixologists Or Management team Or Service/Bar/Kitchen/Housekeeping Employees Or Vendors Or Artists Or Property Consultants Or Interior designers Or Marketing Agencies Or Event Companies Or any other departments.

Your Mantra is “everybody wins nobody losses” But people really take time to understand this very fact. So please share one ultimate tip to believe in it?

Basically, if you want to do something innovative or want to go far in life then you have to accept everything whether it is success or failure and if you want to reach the greater heights then you have to walk alone. It fits everybody who wants to achieve something in life. I set up my bar I give equal importance to everybody whether it is bar owner or bartender. And mantra – everybody wins nobody a loss is absolutely related to teamwork.

What do you like most about being a bar owner and managing a bar business?

I love my work very much because it is too much entertaining. As we are a part of the hospitality industry, it doesn’t matter what we are like chefs, bartenders, and housekeeping, at last, we all are entertainers. And we meet different variations of human beings in a day. A bar is a place where an individual can sit alone and can enjoy the drinks. Hence, Bar is a very entertaining place and best at forming connections. A bar is a place that helps you forget about all the worries for a moment and allow you to enjoy to the fullest. It is the thing that I love about the bar.

What is your philosophy on deciding what brands to stock?

Cocktails and mocktails are all about the flavor combination. If somebody good at flavor combination he can run the bar business smoothly. People come to the bar to enjoy a multiple flavor combination. And I always go along with the consumer flavor choice. For example – if I am using whisky I will always prefer bourbon whisky because it has some sweetness as it created with corn. Basically, you should know the nature of alcohol then only you will able to find the right partner for them. If you want me to characterize alcohol in a human form then the whisky is like King. It has its own preferences and only goes well with selected things. And the second most important thing is the experiments. Without an experiment, you can’t judge the nature of alcohol. Vodka is like a playboy that goes well with everything as it is colorless and odorless according to nature.

How do you educate customers on new and quality spirits?

I always prefer to work with logic and it’s a human tendency they love to know things beforehand. That’s why whenever I introduce any new drink or product I always tell customers about its ingredients, nature, and benefits. This kind of approach inspires people to have that particular product. While launching the new product I also take care of my customer choice of flavors. I always ask them whether they like sweet, sour, spicy, or salty. And later offer accordingly.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my experimental nature. Due to this only people reach out to me as I offer them what they desire. If you go through my journey you will find that I love to do new and creative things. Even I failed sometimes but that doesn’t stop me to do experiments. I personally believe without an experiment you can’t discover something new.

What are some of the crazier things you have seen?

The craziest thing that I have experience at my bar is the man who performs the belly dance. I was surprised to see a man who is a straight man and gives such a beautiful performance.

How do you keep staff up to date on what you’re selling?

Actually, to keep our staff up to date we do training in all departments from time to time. Whenever some new guy joins the bar we always ask him to stay and observe the functionalities of each department. And based on it, we observe his/her potential and offer an opportunity to work. And the best part of our bar is that every single employee possesses the knowledge of other sections as well other than him. I give cross-training to each department.

What is your favorite drink?

And my favorite drink is Whiskey Sour which Whiskey with Oranges, Lime, Sugar, Egg White, and a touch of Bitters. If one knows how to make it well then this can be the most beautiful & Most flavourful Cocktail of all times.

What are the important things for a new bar owner to know?

Important things for a new Bar owner is

1 - A Bar owner should be very focused on delivering the best Quality Products, Alcohol brands are not a bar product, what you create using that Alcohol is what one can call their own Product which also defines the uniqueness of a bar.

To create your own product and make sure that it's always the best when it comes out of your bar. And that's how customers will remember & get attracted to your bar.

2- A bar should always be happening, full of energy & something new & exciting should keep happening. Keep experimenting, keep innovating, keep discovering new products, keep discovering new ways of entertaining customers.

Now to finish up, we always want to know our sweet reader's feedback. I hope you must have enjoyed being reading this exclusive interview of Young and Dynamic Bar Owner - Arjun Chaudhary. 


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