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Amazon Announced- Alexa Will Now Come With Care Hub And Few Other Interesting Features!

Amazon has announced the launch of Care Hub, a feature introduced in Alexa. Alexa is on its way to become smarter!

By Mridulata Sen

Amazon Announced- Alexa Will Now Come With Care Hub And Few Other Interesting Features!

Amazon has announced launch of Care Hub, it is introduced in Alexa that would help users keep an eye on their older parents! Yes, now Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and could read the mind of the user and answer accordingly.

Let’s read to know in detail-

Amazon on Tuesday has launched some interesting set of features for its voice assistant, Alexa. Out of which Care Hub is the most unique one. Not only that, but Amazon has also revealed that it is now in the making of Alexa smarter by rolling out a feature that would make the voice assistant read the mind of the user and answer accordingly. Yes, now Alexa can read minds! Isn’t it sound so interesting? Alexa will make it happen now.

The feature is named Care Hub. This feature will enable its users to keep an eye on the activities of their elderly parents. At the same time, they want the elderly to feel more confident about living independently.

"Introducing the Care Hub—a new set of U.S. features designed to help simplify the remote caregiving experience for both the person providing support and their aging loved one. The Care Hub gives customers a new, easy way to check in on their loved one remotely, while maintaining privacy, with features like the high-level activity feed and alerts. It also gives aging customers the comfort of knowing they can just ask Alexa to call for help should they need it," Amazon said in their recent interviews.

However, as of now, the feature will be available to the users in the United States as of now.

The process to use the feature:

To use this feature a user needs to create a connection between their two Alexa accounts. One which will be with the user and the other Alexa-enabled device will be with the elderly family member.

Further Amazon explains- "The aging loved one will need an Echo or Alexa-enabled device. The family member providing support just needs the Alexa app on their phone. The Care Hub will work once the loved one sends an invitation and the family member accepts. This simple, one-time setup offers a number of benefits to both individuals".

Users will receive alerts about the activities of the elderly. Also, if no activity is detected in a long time then they can easily call through the app and check if everything is fine.

Apart from this, Amazon is coming up with another unique feature that will allow Alexa to read people’s minds— goals and wishes are not directly expressed but are implicit in requests. So now, they are taking another step towards natural interaction with a capability that lets Alexa infer customers' latent goals. To further clarify Amazon explained in its interview by giving an example. They said- "How long does it take to steep tea?", the latent goal could be setting a timer for steeping a cup of tea,". The new feature has already been enabled in the United States. The lucky country right! But don’t worry the rest of the countries are expected to get the feature soon.

Till then stay tuned for further updates and do let us know your views on this new feature of Alexa in the comments section below.






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