Multi-skilled Nandini Jindal Celebrity Make-Up Artist No-Filter Exclusive & Mind Boggling Interview

Nandini Jindal is one of the famous celebrity makeup artists. Check out what she had to say today about her life journey, beauty, her life success mantra, how she entered the beauty industry, and how she became so successful in life. Let's know about her top secrets.

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Multi-skilled Nandini Jindal Celebrity Make-Up Artist No-Filter Exclusive & Mind Boggling Interview

"Key To Become Beautiful Is To Stay Happy" - Dynamic Nandini Jindal

Today we have come up with the Versatile Celebrity Makeup Artist Nandini Jindal Exclusive interview. No doubt you surely love to hear from her. She is as charming as her words and profession. 

Giving you a warm welcome, we are excited to have a meaningful conversation. We have heard about you from several people and truly we become a fan of your artistic qualities. People speaking about you has urged us to go through your social media account. And we get delighted after scrolling your timeline.

Let's have a look at the exclusive interview of Appealing Celebrity Artist Nandini Jindal and feel inspired. Prepare yourself to hit the world with your success story.

Give a short description of your stunning personality. 

 I am a certified diamond merchant And I celebrity makes up artist. I am running a successful makeup studio and a Makeups academy. Simultaneously I design Diamond jewelry as well. Meeting new people is what I have always loved, as I believe everyone around you can teach you something. And trust Me when I say this as I have learned a lot.

Tell us about your salon! 

My studio name is Nandini Jindal Luxury Makeover, it is the first luxury salon of Ghaziabad which deals in the only females. Here everyone is allowed to show their creativity and we often have open discussions. Here you can get all kinds of genuine suggestions for your problem related to Hair and Skin.

What inspires you to build the above product and service?

My inspiration comes from the people around me, I use to work from my home and also I was a freelancer once so those clients always use to say you should have a makeup academy they use to praise me so much and blessings of all of them are where I am today.

What encouraged you to choose only this particular field?

I have been seeing jewelry and makeup since I was 4 years old. I was very much interested in the knowledge of How the diamond jewelry is made, how they mined, assort and I wanted to make the cheapest diamond ring which I am glad I succeeded. In terms of the Makeup industry, I believe the creativity we can show and the challenge we get with a different type of face is the one thing that made me encouraged to choose it. Being a part of someone’s D Day is always special.

How long have you been working in this field?

I was 16 years old when I started to accomplish my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Wanted to accomplish many things in a short duration by facing many challenges with utmost honesty and passion. Worked hard to become what am today. Every day passing by I has learned something new by accepting opportunities. I know how to make my way in a crowd. Am so grateful for everything I have and pray to accomplish my goals with utmost passion.

How has beauty changed your life?

Beauty has taught me to invest in your mind, body, and soul. Shows can come and go but skin needs so much more. Beautiful skin is always a confidence booster for me. 

Share one habit that makes you more productive?

So every night I make one TO DO LIST which I had to follow another day and also I am having a separate diary in which Io write down 5 things what I am grateful of every night, this way my TO DO LIST Helps me to complete all the task and my grateful diary helps me to cherish my whole day. 

Are you are satisfied with your job?

I am more than happy with what I’m doing right now And I am extremely satisfied. I love teaching my students and seeing them grow is one thing I cherish a lot. 

What is the most challenging event in your life so far?

I believe the challenge is just a perspective. Everyone should challenge themselves to do better. I challenge myself daily to achieve my short and long term goals. There was one challenge that I got so I had done 23 makeups in 7 hours straight. That day taught me so much and had boosted my confidence so much. I had given all 23 people different eye makeup and the base was according to their skin.any were mature skin and completing on time was my priority.

What is the best way to overcome failure?

I believe the perspective to see failure as a success is the best way to overcome it. If a person learns from it that person has already succeeded. If someone thinks that he/she is failing just remember the one thing why you started. And one should always be happy in whatever he or she is having that happiness can actually reflect in his /her environment.

What makes a successful salon owner?

A successful salon owner is a person to whom people can come to for genuine suggestions. 
A good salon is made by its happy regular clients. 
Happy employee + Happy Client = Successful Salon.

How you define success?  

For me, success is having people around you who are proud of you and motivate ms you to do better each day. Success is seeing your students doing so well. For me, success is a combination of achieving company and personal goals.

How to stay motivated all time?

To stay motivated give yourself daily tasks, Make a to-do list so that you organize meetings. Be around people who you want to be like. Remind yourself from what you started and where you are, every failure is your success.

What is your life mantra?

My life mantra is being happy in whatever I am doing. Things can change in a night so the game should always go on. Cherish your surroundings and always be grateful for whatever you are having. The law of attraction acts like magic trust me. If you guys haven’t felt it you should definitely give it a try.

Share your work experience?

I have learned a lot in both of my industry. Have met some amazing people who motivate me to do better each day. Have worked really hard to become what I am today and gaining trust and maintaining it with utmost honesty is always a goal. Every day comes with another lesson and a great opportunity

What are the effective ways to face challenges?

The most important is never RUN from your challenge, face then with utmost confidence if you are seeing yourself sinking then also tell yourself this is just a phase it will pass. Daily see yourself where you want to see yourself standing to feel that and am sure very soon with the hard work you gonna experience it.

Please share one tip to success.

Learn how to balance life, getting your priorities managed can lead you to a long way, Organised yourself it helps you to understand your clear view. 
The most important is to love whatever you do.

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