Open Mind And Keep Moving Attitude Led Ashish To Create Innovative Platform - ADDABOOKING.COM

Looking for inspiration? then must check out the exclusive interview of Mr. Ashish Kapoor, founder of ADDABOOKING.COM at VTV India. We are here to keep you positive every time.

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Open Mind And Keep Moving Attitude Led Ashish To Create Innovative Platform - ADDABOOKING.COM

Ashish is known as ingenious and has nearly twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry. He was a successful actor and starred in several TV shows. On his behalf, he also has a successful event management company that operates various clubs and bars. Warning of his skills and ability to innovate, he quickly thought of setting up an enterprise related to the hospitality industry. This led to the creation of ADDABOOKING.COM. It is a simple but effective solution for people who want to book a place for any occasion.

Please give a brief overview of your product/service.

ADDABOOKING is a one-stop solution for all event-related venue reservations and services. We help you book a location at the best prices and then help our clients with the best service providers when the need arises. We are currently working in Delhi NCR and will be in Mumbai soon.

What inspired you to create the above product/service?

My experience as a consumer and as an operator of restaurants and lounges has made it clear that there is a big gap in this area when it comes to booking places for parties or social events.

Share your life Mantra.

Life is a way where we learn every day. So always be open and keep moving.

Share some details about the investments you have been able to get back for the business so far.

So far, this has started with my partner, Mr. Sachin Garj, who funded the initial phase of the business. We are currently looking for pre-financing for Serie A.

What three qualities do you think an individual should have in order to succeed?

Well, according to my experience patience, dedication, and hard work are essential qualities.

What online applications do you use the most and want to recommend?

Well, apart from Zomato, Go-Ibibo,, and TripAdvisor, I also find Paytm a fantastic app. Also take advantage of the FITPASS app. Oh and Netflix. It’s a blessing because now I can watch my favorite web series, shows, and movies to go.

Share any habit you think makes you more productive.

Meditation is a wonderful way to control your mind and heart. 

Share your next 3-year plan.

To make Addabooking,  the leading seat and event booking platform in the country.

Share the quote that inspires you the most.

Shri Harivanshrai Bachchan’s poem lines - “Lehron se Darr kar Nauka paar nahi hoti, Koshish karne waalon ki kabhi Haar nahi hoti “

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