Celebrating Excellence: Arjuna Awardees 2023

The Arjuna Awardees of 2023, representing a diverse array of sporting disciplines, have been honoured for their exceptional achievements and contributions to Indian sports. Instituted by the Government of India, the Arjuna Award recognizes athletes who have consistently displayed outstanding skills, sportsmanship, and high-performance levels. This prestigious accolade not only acknowledges the recipients' past accomplishments but also serves as a motivational beacon, encouraging them to scale greater heights in their respective fields. From archery to golf, athletics to chess, the awardees, including notable names like Mohammed Shami and Diksha Dagar, have showcased exemplary dedication and proficiency. The government's commitment to fostering a culture of sports and fitness is evident in its recognition of these athletes, who serve as inspirational figures for aspiring sports enthusiasts across the nation. Congratulations to the Arjuna Awardees of 2023 for their remarkable achievement

By Shreya Rajvanshi Gangal

Celebrating Excellence: Arjuna Awardees 2023

The Arjuna Award, one of the highest honours bestowed upon athletes in India, continues to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in various sporting disciplines. The recently announced Arjuna Awardees for the year 2023 have once again highlighted the remarkable talent and dedication of individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

What is the Arjuna Award?

The Arjuna Award, named after the legendary warrior Arjuna from the Indian epic Mahabharata, was instituted in 1961 by the Government of India. This prestigious award aims to honour athletes who have consistently displayed exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and a high level of performance in their chosen sports.

Why is it Given?

The Arjuna Award serves as a recognition and encouragement for athletes to continue striving for excellence. It not only acknowledges their past achievements but also motivates them to reach greater heights in their sporting careers. By conferring this honour, the government aims to inspire the youth and promote a culture of sports and fitness in the country.

Presented By:

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, is responsible for conferring the Arjuna Award. The selection process involves carefully evaluating an athlete's performance over the last four years, considering factors such as consistency, leadership, and overall contribution to their sport.

Arjuna Awardees 2023:

  1. Ms Aditi Gopichand Swami (Archery): Aditi has showcased exceptional skills in archery, consistently performing at the highest level. Her precision and focus have earned her numerous accolades in national and international competitions.

  2. Shri Ojas Pravin Deotale (Archery): Ojas has demonstrated outstanding prowess in archery, consistently contributing to the success of the Indian archery team. His dedication to the sport is evident in his remarkable achievements.

  3. Shri Sreeshankar Murali (Athletics): Sreeshankar's achievements in athletics have brought him to the forefront of Indian sports. His exceptional performances in the long jump have not only earned him recognition but have also inspired aspiring athletes.

  4. Ms Parul Chaudhary (Athletics): Parul's contributions to athletics, particularly in her specialized events, have earned her the Arjuna Award. Her dedication to her sport is commendable and sets a benchmark for future athletes.

  5. Mohammed Hussamuddin (Boxing): As a formidable force in the boxing ring, Mohammed Hussamuddin's technical prowess and strategic approach have made him a deserving recipient of the Arjuna Award.

  6. Ms R Vaishali (Chess): Vaishali's strategic brilliance on the chessboard has earned her national and international acclaim. Her achievements reflect not only her brilliance but also contribute to the growing prominence of Indian chess on the global stage.

  7. Mohammed Shami (Cricket): Known for his lethal pace and exceptional bowling skills, Mohammed Shami has been a key player for the Indian cricket team. His consistent performances have played a crucial role in India's success on the cricketing field.

  8. Shri Anush Agarwalla (Equestrian): Anush's achievements in equestrian sports highlight his skill and dedication to mastering the art. His contributions have brought him personal success and contributed to the overall growth of equestrian sports in India.

  9. Ms Divyakriti Singh (Equestrian Dressage): Divyakriti's proficiency in equestrian dressage has set her apart in the world of sports. Her technical finesse and dedication to her discipline make her a deserving recipient of the Arjuna Award.

  10. Ms Diksha Dagar (Golf): Diksha's success in golf has made her a shining star in Indian sports. Her achievements on the golf course have not only brought her glory but have also elevated the status of golf in the country.


The Arjuna Awardees of 2023 represent the diverse talent and dedication in the Indian sporting arena. As these athletes receive the prestigious award, it serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating excellence in sports. The government's continued support through awards like the Arjuna Award plays a pivotal role in motivating athletes to strive for greatness and contribute to the rich sporting legacy of India. Congratulations to all the Arjuna Awardees of 2023 for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Indian sports.

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