CEO & Co-founder Of PepperScript Sanchit Goel Exclusive Interview

Interview with Sanchit Goel, CEO of Pepperscript - Learn about the success mantra of this entrepreneur who aims to promote new-age aspiring authors.

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CEO & Co-founder Of PepperScript Sanchit Goel Exclusive Interview

Throughout your career, you will often find yourself at an intersection where they can choose to travel or open up a new path for themselves. After graduating in electrical and electronics engineering, Sanchat never thought about the future. He completed his master’s degree in international marketing and later worked in various fields to gain some experience.

Later, things improved when he wrote a book published with a friend. However, both experienced the heavy burden of the publishing industry, which led them to open up a platform for young writers. Here, PaperScript, as an independent publishing house, aims to bring good content to market and promote new and experienced authors. Their goal is to become a popular publishing space where young talents can come and highlight their work.

Please give a short intro to your product/service.

PepperScript is a modern English and Hindi publishing house. PepperScript offers all book review, editing, design, development, production, sales, and marketing services to a single author. In this booming book industry, where one in two people want to write, it's important to have a business that writers can trust to justify their work.

What motivated you to build the above product/service?

My co-founder and I wrote the book The Bachelor Theorem, which was published in 2011. Everything seemed fine until we got into the narrows of the industry. We were very disappointed and later in 2012, we decided to create a better platform for all new-age & ambitious writers.

What has been the hardest part of your journey so far?

The journey so far has always been difficult. Each challenge was gratefully received, but the most intense part was simplifying and planning the budget when it came to any revenue. Joining your business encourages you to try new things every day, but with limited resources, it’s a little hard to follow your daily dreams. So it’s hard for you to take control and make the right decisions, and we’ve made the wrong decisions.

Another factor was the acceptance of failure to delay. One is when you know you have failed recently, and the other is that you are working hard and then after months you find yourself failing. Realizing how much time you have invested in it is like killing.

How did you overcome these challenges?

With the help of friends & family, self-introspection, practical dreams, working harder & smarter.

How do you keep yourself safe from the brain drain issue?

PepperScript is a small and compact team and the work is well divided, so the responsibility per person is greater. There are times when the workload is such that there is no time for some kind of "brain drain", but we talk about it on other unwanted occasions. With the PepperScript team, it's always been clear to me that anything, throw it in my face. Plus, there's plenty of room for everyone to laugh, cry, and argue.

Give one tip for success.

Be patient no matter what's the situation. 

A mistake that you think everyone should avoid:

One thing everyone should avoid is not to make mistakes. It is important to make mistakes to be successful.

Share the quote that will motivate you the most.

Hope is liking a shining star

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