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From a Printing Company to An Established Branding & Digital Marketing Company: Graphonix Infotech P Limited

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From a Printing Company to An Established Branding & Digital Marketing Company: Graphonix Infotech P Limited

The motivational success story of Graphonix Infotech P Limited is one which proves that nothing is unattainable if you’re passionate and determined to turn your ideas into a reality. Since opening its doors two decades ago, Graphonix has grown into one of UP’s sought-after branding & digital marketing companies with dedicated sections for branding strategy & identity, printing & packaging, photography & videography, and digital marketing. Apart from its main office in Meerut, the company established a very strong base in Noida in 2022.


Graphonix Infotech P Limited is led by Mr. Vineet Garg

Unsurprisingly, the company's phenomenal success is the result of his innovative ideas and never-ending drive to succeed in this ever-changing, competitive industry. He started his career in Meerut towards the mid of 2001. He had already decided to start Graphonix Infotech P Limited, a printing company, at the time. After some time, Vineet Garg gained exceptional experience in the field of branding & digital marketing, so he decided to upgrade a printing company to a branding & digital marketing company.

Humble Beginning 

From lack of experience and adequate finance to the absence of a good team and a great business plan, it was all against the odds when they initiated the business in an entirely new industry. But none of them stopped them from establishing Graphonix Infotech P Limited. Initially, all he had was his interest in building brands and, of course, the innovative concept: to serve digital marketing services to Delhi NCR better by helping them organise quality yet affordable packages.

Making a Difference in the Branding & Digital Marketing World 

Despite the obstacle-filled beginning, Graphonix was soon on its way to success. As the whole idea was to create a convenient and positive difference in the way people focus on online marketing and branding, it didn’t take too much time to get it well-received by the customers. From a single location, they opened one more branch in Noida. Currently, the company has served more than 200+ quality clients all over UP, Uttarakhand and Delhi NCR. .

Journey to Success

In the beginning, he offered in-house printing services, but later he upgraded the business to do branding & digital marketing. He has immense experience in Branding & Digital Marketing, and together with his team, he has built a global digital presence. Over the past 20+ years in the industry, he has created a unique identity for his business by representing qualitative and appealing work for his clients.

Major Recognitions

Recently, Graphonix received a Certificate of Appreciation from We Awards. The company was chosen for these awards on the basis of an unbiased public voting system. But this is not the first time the company has bagged a prestigious industry honor. In 2013 and 2015 alone, the company won two other significant awards, including the Business & Service Excellence Awards and the Aesthetics Business Award. The company also has to its credit a long list of awards and recognitions, like "Best Graphic Design and Printing Services in the U.P." Also 2 Fespa Awards one for Best Calendar & second for Best Invitation Card.

Graphonix Infotech P. Limited's net worth is now estimated to be in the range of Rs. 2–3 crore. In fact, Graphonix Infotech P. Limited's success story is truly inspiring, as he continues to evolve and take on new challenges with enormous confidence and enthusiasm. We know this will only lead to positive and profitable outcomes.

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