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Good News For Students, Jio Launched Study Mode Special Feature

Count on Jio's web browser JioPages has support for a new feature called Learning Mode that aims to give students distraction-free screen time for studies.

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Good News For Students, Jio Launched Study Mode Special Feature

Reliance Jio has introduced a special way of learning for students into its JioPages web browser application. This prevents users from being distracted so they can focus on their learning. In fact, devices like smartphones and laptops are the biggest nuisance when you study at home. The new “learning way” of JioPages has been developed specifically for students and parents who teach their children. JioPages works on your Android TV.  

How does study mode work?

Jio says the Study Mode allows students to access television at home for their online courses. According to the company, this is better than learning on a laptop or smartphone as it will make it difficult for parents to keep a constant eye on the child's movements.

What do you get in JioPages Study Mode?

Learning Mode consists of curated videos arranged in separate tabs for each class. In addition, this mode also gives users topic-related channel suggestions for each category. It gives users the ability to add topics as favorites for quick access. Through, Study Mode, students get easy access to educational websites and can also enable adblocker. 

How to use Learning Mode Jio Pages?

To use Learning Mode, users first need to have access to Jio pages. Jio set-top box comes pre-installed with JioPages. For others, Android TV users will have to download it from the Google Play Store. When someone is using the JioPages app for the first time. You will be asked to choose your preferred mode from Standard, Incognito, or Learning Mode. For repeat users, there is an option to switch between modes using the Switch Mode icon in the address bar.

The biggest advantage of 'Study Mode' is that users get study-related content in a simple and fast way. Furthermore, Ad Blocker is enabled by default in learning mode so that users do not see any ads. So JioPages now comes in three different ways: standard way, anonymous way, and learning way. The "Study Mode" added by the company will make life easier for students. The app can also be used for fun by changing modes.

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