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Gyms Reopened- Guidelines for Unlock 3.0

Central government of India has announced Unlock 3.0. Gyms and fitness centres are allowed to function. So, let's scan the new rules and guidelines of Unlock 3.0

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Gyms Reopened- Guidelines for Unlock 3.0

     The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced for the Unlock 3.0 guidelines. Restrictions on the movement during the night have been removed. Till further notifications to continue, railway travel will be discontinued.

 “ There will be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement of people and goods. Such movements will be allowed without any separate permission, e-permit, or approval. “, according to a statement by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What is allowed/ not allowed

It has also been taken under the decision that all educational institutions and coaching institutes will remain closed till August 31.
All the places of large public gatherings like- metro rail, cinema halls, theatres, bars, auditoriums, etc. won’t be allowed to function. Large public gatherings will not be allowed in any condition. However, the government has permitted independence day celebration with certain protocols like- sanitization, wearing masks, and social distancing. 

Good News for fitness freaks- Gyms Reopened

Gyms and yoga institutions will reopen from 5th August. Standard opening procedure guidelines will be issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHFW).
 International air travel of passengers has been permitted under the Vande Bharat Mission.

Updates for Containment Zones

  Within the periphery of containment zones, strict social distancing and other norms shall be maintained and only essential activities will be allowed.

People who are transiting will be recorded and followed through IDSP. A buffer zone has to be delineated around each containment zone.

Instructions for Gyms and Fitness Centres

• Yoga to be practiced in open spaces


  As per the guidelines, yoga should be avoided for some time because it has mainly breathing-controlled exercises which may cause higher chances for someone getting infected with the coronavirus.

  If someone really needs to practice, it should be practiced in open space. For more, you should follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Ayush.

For people in High-Risk categories


  According to the Ministry of Ayush, people above 65 years, adults with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of ten years are not allowed to use gym and yoga centers, etc. in closed spaces.
•  Focus on staggered timing to avoid overcrowding

    Gym users should be divided and allocated batches to avoid overcrowding at the Gym. All the batches are suggested to have a break of fifteen minutes to half an hour between them to overlap between members arriving and leaving.
  Use of masks or visors is mandatory

  •      According to guidelines, it is compulsory to put on a face mask or face cover at the fitness centers. During yoga kriyas, a visor may be used. 
           It has also been noted that putting the mask on during working out (specially N-95 mask) can cause breathing difficulties.
  •  A minimum distance of six feet must be maintained

         During personal training in either gym or yoga center, a minimum distance of six feet must be maintained between trainers and clients. 


  Only those exercises will be included in the schedule which doesn’t need any physical contact between the trainer and clients.

•   A proper sanitization of hands and equipment in Gyms
In order to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus, people must sanitize their hands as well as gym equipment used by them before and after using them.



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