How a Pune Startup Achieved Success In An Industry Dominated By MNCs

Minimac Systems Pvt. Ltd. by Jhumpa Mukherjee. Minimac Systems, a Pune-based business enterprise, is a provider of global-quality standardised and custom-designed solutions for oil flushing, chemical cleaning, oil purification, and oil

By Ishika Rastogi

How a Pune Startup Achieved Success In An Industry Dominated By MNCs

This 100% indigenous startup organisation has decided to innovate and gift solutions under the "Make in India" campaign.

The lubrication and hydraulic reliability marketplace is valued at about USD 1 billion in India and USD 4 billion internationally and is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%.

The marketplace is ruled by American and European businesses. Through the years in this MNC-dominated industry, Minimac Structures has shone through the years by assisting industries in saving tens of millions of dollars through technological advancements in the discipline of infection control.

As they marked 10 years, let’s have a look at how they have been continuing their successful journey as a leading manufacturer, exporter, and technical consultancy business enterprise.

Allow's Rewind. Anshuman Agrawal, an IIT-IIM graduate, left Tata Motors in 2012 to launch this multi-million dollar manufacturing startup.

The business enterprise was incorporated with the project to accelerate the adoption of value-efficient technology and practises for stepped-forward reliability and performance of lubrication and hydraulic oil structures.

This agency, to start with, started out with a staff of eight employees. These days, it has a crew of fifty-plus talented people who by no means fail to satisfy the business wishes with utter perfection.

Minimac gives you quality-in-class, versatile, utility-minded, value-efficient equipment for lubrication reliability and contamination manipulation.

The employer has mounted a robust brand and marketplace presence in Asia, the Middle East & Caspian, North Africa, Africa, South-East Asia, and Australia. Minimac is the holder of many esteemed awards and recognitions and represented India within the top one hundred startups in Brazil, featuring among the top three.

A BUMP in the road.

A pandemic has disrupted the entire world. The previous years were difficult because they did not permit website visits and individual assembly of the possibilities.

One of the most demanding situations for Minimac has become being in front of the right humans at the proper time with the proper product.

Also, the company is not restricted to a specific genre. It believes in supplying a holistic technique to the clients. Minimac needed to alternate its strategies to serve the market at some stage in the pandemic.


In support of "Vocal for Nearby", 100% of Minimac’s dealer base is Indian corporations, and raw materials for the goods are sourced regionally.

The enterprise came up with progressive products and services with the help of its R&D group. The indigenization of eight or more technologies is performed to provide fee-effective answers to clients.

Their virtual advertising, marketing, and branding activities helped them to triumph over the challenges and generate greater sales for Minimac.

Importantly, the enterprise had an outbound approach in this area and published many technical articles and prepared 13 webinars, effectively impacting a community of one lakh plus experts globally.

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 "We are extraordinarily proud of what we are doing to draw attention to the importance of lubrication excellence." For us, completing 10 years is a considerable accomplishment.

We accept as true that an agency’s enterprise prosperity and productivity absolutely rely upon the whole group, and no single person can take the entire credit score for these kinds of years of our success. It's a delightful celebration for all who've been a part of Minimac. Let’s begin the subsequent 10! " Anshuman Agrawal, Founder and Managing Director of Minimac Systems, stated

Mr. Anshuman leads Minimac Systems with an ardour for technology and an eye for impacting the enterprise. He is an authorised MLT I from ICML and a skilled MLE from Noria agency.

He's a member of "The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers" (STLE), "The International Council for Machinery Lubrication" (ICML), "Tribology Society of India" (TSI), and "The Indian Chamber of Trade" (ICC).

Inquiring for a chunk of recommendations for younger marketers, he says, "Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of difficult work, imagination, prescience, and backbone.

 If you understand your goals and accept them as true within yourself, take action. More importantly, control your power, not time. "

 Minimac is about to embark on its next phase of growth and expansion. The organisation is also looking for generation collaboration with groups outside of India in order to develop better products for the Indian market.




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