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Love Baking? Know these 5 COMMON unknowingly done mistakes while baking!

5 mistakes to avoid while baking to get a perfect cake.

By Mridulata Sen

Love Baking? Know these 5 COMMON unknowingly done mistakes while baking!

Baking is happiness! It is a joyous process that makes our soul happy. Getting a perfectly soft, fluffy and yum smelling cake is pure bliss.

However, unknowingly we do a few mistakes that restrict us from getting that perfect cake.

The main thing that works best for baking is measurements! You need to be accurate in your measurements. It is the main key of a successful cake. Baking is fun but if went wrong can be frustrating too. So, before you plan to bake make a note of the measurements and be accurate once you start.

Today we will discuss about such 5 common mistakes. So that next time you all will know what not to do! Let’s start to know the imperfections to have a perfect cake on your table.



One of the most common mistake done by many. If you want your cake to be soft, fluffy and airy then do not mix too much. Be gentle with your hands. Remember baking is an art. You have to be the artist who politely moves his\her hand to paint the canvas. Similarly, you too have to be light at hand.  


You just need to mix till the time the flour is smoothly incorporated.


Forgetting to preheat the oven


Many bakers avoid this step. Preheating the oven, makes it warm and creates a temperature for the cake to rise by starting the baking process. The oven should not be cold when you put your cake in as then your cake will not rise properly. So never forget to preheat your oven before putting in the cake.


Opening the oven often

Newly bakers always are excited to check the cake in between of its baking process! But that is something they should avoid as opening the oven every now and then or frequently hampers the temperature of the oven. Thus, this results in uneven cooking of the cake due to temperature fluctuation. Try to set a minimum bake time and once that time is over then check the statues of the cake and if further baking is required then again set the temperature accordingly.


The temperature of the ingredients


Whatever ingredients need to be used while baking your cake make sure that all of them are at room temperature before mixing them all together. If your ingredients are hot or cold then patiently wait for it to reach the right temperature and start after that. Make sure that you do not hurry the process, as it will ruin the cake.


Not waiting for the cake to cool down


Well, this is the final step and the most important. You can be perfect during the whole process but a simple mistake or hurry in this step can change the story.


This is the common a mistake that we all do out of excitement to see the cake and to decorate it. But we often don’t have the patience to wait for the cake to cool down completely. This can lead to breaking of the cake while de-molding it and even if you manage to de-mould then once you start to decorate by putting the frosting, it will start to melt because of the temperature! Resulting in a mess and uneven coating of the cake.


 My dear folks I hope next time when you bake a cake you all will definitely keep a watch on not to repeat these mistakes to get your perfect cake baked.


Do let us know your views too and please feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comment section below. Your opinion does matter!


Till then stay tuned for further upcoming updates and tips.

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