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Meet Mullick Who Has A Legacy Of Over 130 Years In The Sweets Business In Kolkata

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick started a sweet shop in Kolkata in 1885. After 137 years, fourth-generation entrepreneur Sudip Mullick aims to make the brand international and make it synonymous with the City of Joy.

By Ishika Rastogi

Meet Mullick Who Has A Legacy Of Over 130 Years In The Sweets Business In Kolkata

It's far from that point of the year when all of Kolkata is decked up for Durga Puja. The long-lasting sweet stores of the town are mainly busy, getting ready mouth-watering sweets and cuisine which can be in high demand at some stage in the season.

Did you already know that there are around 1 lakh candy shops in Kolkata?

At the same time as it’s tough to pick out a favorite, Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick (BMRM) is a distinguished shop that many swear by means. This story stuck up with Sudip Mallick, the fourth-era entrepreneur of this 137-year-old family business, who's eager to make BMRM synonymous with Kolkata internationally.

Building a sweet shop legacy the story of this heritage brand begins in 1880 when BMRM founder Ganesh Chandra Mullick moved to Kolkata from Konnagar city in search of work. Ganesh spent months researching the idea of opening his shop specializing in Ganesh's sweet creations. Ganesh finally managed to find rented premises in Bhowanipore (North Calcutta) in 1885 and set up a 450-square meter sweet shop. After Ganesh, his brother Balaram Mullick and his son Radharaman Mullick managed the shop, after which Sudip’s father Pradip Mullick (son of Radharaman) took over the reins.

Moving forward with time “For more than 100 years we have been operating from one store in Bhowanipore. After completing his hotel management course in Bhubaneshwar, Sudip joined the business. We have also introduced steamed rosogollas which is one of the best-selling dishes in our stores” says Sudip.

For many years, BMRM has worked traditionally. Each sweet was handmade. BMRM has 15 stores in Kolkata. Sudip plans to open five more stores in the next three years, including one in Howrah. This brand has 150 types of sweets and snacks. All stores see 500-1000 sweets and snacks every day. Apart from fulfilling online bookings in India, BMRM also fulfills bulk bookings for weddings in India.

USP of Bengali sweets

Sudip says that 99% of the sweets in BMRM shops are made from milk.

“Bengalis use milk a lot for making sweets. it's far simplest after developments changed, when people started migrating, that Bengali sweet store owners began making those mithais,” says Sudip.

Standing tall

BMRM is greater than a sweet store for its customers. “The sweet save is all matters nostalgia and Kolkata. I introduced my mother and father to Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick while I was in university. and that they must go to the store on every occasion they are in Kolkata," she says.

Sudip has taken the legacy of BMRM forward in an admirable way but he realizes the duty he is shouldering.

Talking approximately the brand’s prospects, Sudip says he has no plans to amplify in India, as he wants to preserve the legacy of BMRM in Kolkata and the encompassing regions. however his big imaginative and prescient is to move global and extend to Dubai and New Jersey and make BMRM synonymous with Kolkata.

“Similar to people who know the Taj Mahal from Agra, people have to recognize us, BMRM, from Kolkata,” signs and symptoms of Sudip.


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