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Myntra- On A Great Business Expansion With Launch In Middle-East

Myntra has gone global with its partnership with two e-commerce platforms of Middle-East. Many fashion brands have been launched by Myntra on these e-commerce platforms, which will give a great boost to Indian fashion style.

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Myntra- On A Great Business Expansion With Launch In Middle-East

   Myntra, a Flipkart owned fashion marketplace, is going to expand its business in middle-east with a grand launch. Myntra has started a partnership with middle-eastern e-commerce platforms Noon ( and Namshi ( 

 Keeping the rise in demand for trending garments in mind, Myntra has played a big shot of business expansion during this Covid-19 pandemic. Both Noon and Namshi are the partners of the Emaar group, a conglomerate in UAE.

Noon is basically a horizontal e-commerce platform that offers multiple categories in fashion, mostly athleisure wear ( athletes wear and leisurewear) whereas Namshi is a platform that focuses on the premium segment of fashion.

Both of these brands will sell casual and athleisure wear like- T-shirts, trousers and other leisurewear.

Brands Available

Brands available on Namshi- Dressberry, Mast, and Harbour, Wrogn, and HRX.


 Brands available on Noon- Dressberry, Mast and Harbour, Moda Rapido, Here & Now, Sztori, and HRX.

   All these brands will be available for sale probably from next week.

COVID-19 -An Opportunity for business expansion


According to Myntra's CEO Amar Nagaram, these brands and styles have been launched by keeping regional trends and costumers' choices in mind.

He further said that Myntra is hoping for 5x growth from this partnership in the upcoming two years and they will keep on exploring new markets and opportunities also. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic was like a “ variable in the equation ” as it has influenced the global fashion trends. More than 75 percent of styles and designs which will be exported to these markets by Mantra, will be developed in India.

As a major portion of styles and designs will be developed in India, it’s a great opportunity for Indian fashion style to make its recognition in international markets.
What CEO said

“ Amongst all the markets, the Middle-Eastern market stood out in terms of audience’s demographic profile, extremely high mobile penetration, the similarity in fashion preference and a large population of Indian origin”, said Amar Nagaram.

 Already Myntra is in a business partnership with more than three thousand leading fashion and lifestyle brands in India. Myntra provides its service across 27 thousand pincodes in our country. 

Myntra CEO further added to his statement, “ Today everybody is working from home, so most of the demand is of leisure, comfort wear which is not nightwear, we have a number of brands and serve a particular target segment in India and we  are looking at markets that also carry these demographics.”

What’s the next step by Myntra

Currently, Myntra is actively talking with similar companies in South-eastern Asia as well as Europe. Hopefully, partnerships with these markets will be fructified in the upcoming 2-3 months. Thus, Myntra will prove itself a big milestone in the e-commerce world.

 Significantly, Myntra launched on Walmart Canada a year ago with the idea to have a guess of international markets and also to test Myntra's own strategy on how they are prepared for these international markets. Even this step gave them an exposure to international markets also.

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