Oga Fit Fitness App Startup Founder Ashish Rawat has it covered For All That Fitness Enthusiast

This article aims to focus on the successful startup by Ashish Rawat, Oga Fit.

By Trishita Basu16

Oga Fit Fitness App Startup Founder Ashish Rawat has it covered For All That Fitness Enthusiast

Working out, the health regime is the most hectic job in our day to day modern lifestyle. On one hand, people are getting more concerned about fitness, the time constraint and moreover the lack of motivation towards fitness keeps us away from following a strict workout regime on the other. Fitness too, like many other aspects of modern lifestyle has marked its presence on digital platforms. Many digital fitness and wellness apps, websites are present that cater to the needs of the common mass. Pre-shoot videos and fitness tips try to keep the users or viewers motivated, but these interfaces largely lack in a major department, that is interaction. These interfaces ultimately fail in direct interaction with the viewers. Thus the users as well as the interfaces face the major challenge of a one-way communication platform.

To combat this major drawback, Ashish Rawat, who pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Games Development from the University of South Wales has come up with a digital fitness solution, viz. Oga Fit. It was founded by its owner in the year 2017, with a fruitful vision of making a virtual fitness platform, that is highly engaging and builds up a team-based, interactive range of sessions. Thus Oga Fit aimed to be the best of its kind in the market of virtual fitness.

What Does Oga Fit Offer-

Oga Fit is a Bengaluru based interactive business platform that offers very much similar experience of workout sessions as in the real fitness studios. Through this virtual platform, the users can get their workout plans customized by choosing from a large variety of Yoga, Dance, and other fitness regimes. Here it has overcome the challenge of one-way communication and offers a similarity score that determines the accuracy of the user’s movements in accordance with the movements that of the trainers. Secondly, it derives the detailed information like the level of disparity between the movements and also suggests how to improve the movements better. This analysis is then directly presented before the users in AV form. At the end of the session, the post-workout data is made accessible to the users to help those deriving detailed insights into their session.

Normally when the trainers do not have access to the user’s movements, Oga Fit resolves this problem. It makes online communication between the trainer and the trainee flexible and smooth. It has installed a Proprietary Motion Comparison System, that tracks and compares the movements of the users and the trainers, and provides real-time feedback on the movements and postures of the users, what needs to be corrected or which can be more improved in the future. All this is done so that the users can have a better experience while working out with their families and friends.

How to Operate Oga Fit-

Oga Fit can be operated from a smart device, like a Laptop or Smartphone with an internet connection. The users are advised to register or signup their accounts from the Oga Fit website. After the signup, they can access and select from the already established pre-recorded matter. The users can opt for a session all alone otherwise; they can also invite their friends and families to join them in the sessions to establish a more effective, interactive session.  Oga Fit captures the movements of the users from the 17 joints of their body and compares that with that of the trainers as well as shares the feedback. The entire range of sessions is free of cost as of now, but the owners are planning for a monthly subscription facility too, that is soon to be launched.

The Journey of Ashish Rawat, Owner, Oga Fit-

Asish Rawat started coding at the age of 13 only. He also used to create mods and maps for his favorite games as well. His fascination with the mesmerizing experience provided by the video games compelled him to pursue his study in a similar field. On his return to India, he started working with several startup companies and started developing solutions by using many new-age technologies like AR, VR, and advanced computer vision techniques. He had a tough time in performing all these jobs. His job demanded a very hectic work schedule and kept him busy with longer working hours. Even then, he used to manage timings for workouts. He enjoyed his workout sessions at the local fitness studios, but many times he had to skip this routine due to prolonged working hours. Here, he tried several virtual fitness solutions that were readily available in the market. But he found that these interfaces majorly failed to provide a similar experience as in the actual fitness studios. Having worked in several new-age technologies and business solutions, Ashish gave it a thought and came up with the idea that digital fitness can actually offer much better than that with the use of more advanced technology.

Then he started to meet many trainers, Yogis, and even the CEOs of the top-grade fitness centers to get a better understanding of what made their sessions more interactive, engaging, and motivational. This paved the way for the creation of an ultimate digital fitness solution in the name of Oga Fit. Here again, he faced the challenge in his choice of team members. As per him the idea to be a successful one, it was very important for him to choose the right team members who can excel in offering a better experience than the prevailing fitness solutions. But fortunately, Ashish could hire a team of experts who can understand his vision and can lead the journey of Oga Fit effortlessly. There are 12 members in Oga Fit today who are mainly based out of Bengaluru and Ukraine.

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