Bro-Sis Duo Took RK Jewellers To The Next Level - A New Tycoon In Jewellery World

R K Jewellers, a popular and trusted brand of modern and traditional gold and diamond jewellery, started its offices in Dubai and New York. Let's scan the efforts, customer choices, segments offered and other things as the current owner Mr. Rohan Sharma told in his statements.

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Bro-Sis Duo Took RK Jewellers To The Next Level - A New Tycoon In Jewellery World

  RK Jewellers was founded in Delhi in 1995 by Rakesh Sharma and his wife Sunita. they started this with the motive to serve customers with the best diamond and gold jewelry designs available in the market. They set up their business with the capital of 3.55 crores and worked for a long time to make their business successful.

Entry Of The New Generation In This Business

When second generation, their children Rohan and Prakshi stepped in this business in 2011 with the motive to give a boost to their parents’ achievements. They transformed R K Jewellers into a brand. This brand offers a graceful collection of designs in jewelry.

Views Of This Duo On Jewellery Trends

 “In the earlier time, people used to purchase jewelry as property but nowadays people consider it fashionable to put on the designer diamond and gold jewelry. Hence my sister and I stepped into this business to cater to that niche audience and make jewelry and designs in the partnership with some international aesthetic experts.”, said Rohan and Prakash.

Background Of This Duo

Rohan (33) pursued a degree from Geuological Institute of America GIA, New York and her sister Prakshi (30) is an award-winning designer from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. 

                         Prakshi Sharma

Jewelry Segments Offered By The Company

This brand provides the service to the women of all age groups and manufactures diamond and polki jewelry. In 2014, this brother-sister duo took a decision to corner the millennial segment with the launch of another label- Prakshi Fine Jewellery. It offers diamond and gemstone jewelry designed to appeal to millennials.

Their Source Materials And Manufacturing Units

R K Jewellers have their manufacturing unit in Mumbai and they source materials like diamonds from Surat especially as well as purchase various precious gem stores from Israel and New York. They had employed  50 to 60 artificers from Rajasthan and Bengal at their manufacturing unit because the people especially from Rajasthan have a very good knowledge of crafting.

Customer Base And Branches

According to a statement said by Mr. Rohan, at their flagship store in New Delhi, the average footfall of customers is near about 20 to 50 per day. They have their offices in Dubai and New York and they serve customers in these areas on the basis of the number of orders received per day but they don’t have an outlet in these in these places. For the promotion of their jewelry brands and designs in various events, they have associated with various celebrities like Kiara Advani and Kareena Kapoor.

Future Prospects Of RK Jewellers

The future aim of RK Jewellers is to expand its business in the international market. They have focused themselves to make more and more numbers of clients in the Asian market. They are reaching out to other markets and participate in international events on a regular basis so that they can understand the interest of the customers of that particular place and nation. 
 In the future, they want to be more digitally advanced and are planning for customer data analysis by using artificial intelligence. This will not only make their work easy but also this will expand their business.

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