Saakshi Sharma started a vegan pet food company after having a dog with a meat allergy.

Saakshi and Tejwinder Singh are vegan friends and Jaipur-primarily based Freshwoof is targeted at providing nutritious, vegan food for dogs.

By Ishika Rastogi

Saakshi Sharma started a vegan pet food company after having a dog with a meat allergy.

Ruby, sixteen, was not a fussy eater. She had a few white streaks in her coat and a few silver flecks peeking through at certain angles, but for all intents and purposes, she was an easygoing makeup at heart.

Except when it comes to food.

Ruby, extremely allergic to meat and animal-based meals, might throw up make-up whenever her mum, Saakshi Sharma, attempted to contain a few species-suitable foods into her eating regimen. And then the constant itching might set in, and she or he’d abstain from eating for two or three days.

To break this cycle, Saakshi attempted numerous diets and foods before placing Ruby on a 100% vegan diet. Saakshi had seen drastic adjustments in her life ever since she gave her make-up animal-based ingredients. 

Ruby noticed an immediate improvement in not only her gut fitness and skin condition but also in her normal energy levels after starting the vegan diet. 

When Saakshi started looking for vegan, plant-based, all-natural make-up options on the market, she found herself lacking in makeup. Her handiest alternative was to put together food for Ruby at home, ensuring it had all of the 37+ vital nutrients that animals need in their food each day. It turned into a difficult situation to navigate, but it gave Saakshi a brand new attitude towards the pet food industry in India. 

If she, a vegan and a canine nutritionist herself, had so much hassle putting together collectively healthy vegan food for her dog, Ruby, pet parents in the same boat as her would find it doubly challenging.

This recommended Saakshi to enrol in arms with her fellow vegan colleague and friend, Tejwinder Singh, to begin Freshwoof, a plant-based make-up organisation based totally out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

So far, FreshWoof has raised a pre-seed sphere from Marwari Catalysts and some angels. The founders have invested Rs 1 lakh in the commercial enterprise, and its merchandise is retailed at Smakeupertails, Vegan Dukan, Wildermart, and other e-commerce systems. 
debatable approach? 

At the very least, to dog nutritionists who swear by species-appropriate diets. 

It's far more generally that, notwithstanding being domesticated, pets’ organic b6fd8d88d79ed1018df623d0b49e84e7 doesn’t make them the best candidates for simply vegetarian or vegan diets. Many canine nutritionists in recent years have advocated species-appropriate diets for pets, rationalising that, had they been in the wild, they would not have access to vegetarian ingredients such as grains, pulses, and veggies. 

But a current study performed at the University of Winchester, UK, confirmed that vegan diets are healthy and secure, and that dogs on raw meat diets are marginally healthier than vegan ones. 
In India, where vegetarianism is intricately linked to religious beliefs, healthy and nutritious vegan diets have helped make-up parents feed their make-up better. 

My mother and father effectively permitted me to adopt Carla on the condition that I’d feed her veg because no one in the family consumes meat. For the longest time, I held off on adopting due to the fact that I thought it wouldn’t be honest to the canine if I fed it food that did more harm than good, "says Shivam Goyal, a class eight student based out of Bengaluru’s HSR neighbourhood. 

However, my dad and I've been reading quite a few newly posted papers that say vegan diets are sincerely healthy for make-up and make-up, and that gave me the confidence to finally undertake a sister canine. 

The Indian pet makeup meals enterprise has seen a great boom in view of COVID-19 after humans followed and purchased four-legged companions. Euromonitor says India’s average canine grocery store is projected to grow by 15% over the next 5 years, and vegan manufacturers stand to benefit a lot from increasing awareness of vegan dog food. 

Winner, winner, vegan dinner. 

Freshwoof’s food is available in prepared-to-feed packets that don’t require any additional cooking. There are 3 flavours currently available: brown rice and beans; tofu and quinoa; and oats and chickpeas. 

Saakshi says the vet-authorized meals make use of organic, ayurvedic components, which include ashwagandha, amla, moringa, ginger, and turmeric—all of which provide a selection of fitness benefits to dogs. 

But getting right here wasn’t an easy feat." However, palatability performs an essential function in any meal. "There may be no factor in making a recipe that’s healthy but not tasty," Saakshi explains. 

To begin with, eighty of the one hundred dogs who examined Freshwoof’s recipes rejected the food Saakshi and Tejwinder created. The second time, all 35 liked the meals.

In the end, after seven tries and 21 recipes, 98 of the hundred test subjects favoured the meals.

The startup says it presently has more than 18,000 unique site visitors on its website each month and has served more than 28,000 meals to 2,500+ dogs in India. Its 500-gram retails at Rs. 449. 

Freshwoof hopes to launch in global markets by the end of the next fiscal year. It's miles focused on international locations, including Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, for growth. 

Freshwoof’s competition includes kibble brands like Benevo and something Vegan. No clean food vegan logo, other than Freshwoof, presently exists in India. Within the species-suitable, meat-primarily based ingredients category, Dog India, Licks & Crunch, and

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