Tangerine's Sustainable Jewellery Is Made From Spices And Seeds.

Tangerine is a bio-jewellery emblem made from 100% herbal factors like seeds, spices, flora, and fruits. For Shristi Ghunawat, designing jewellery is regarded as second nature. All of it started during her time at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), where she focused on designing

By Ishika Rastogi

Tangerine's Sustainable Jewellery Is Made From Spices And Seeds.

However, whilst she took a closer look at how jewellery is made and its impact on the environment, she realised there was a lack of sustainable options. This is subsequently what led her to set up Tangerine, a bio-jewellery band with nature at the centre of its work, using spices, seeds, and fruits in its pieces.

Inexperienced options are in vogue. It also took us time to get the right people on board and to incorporate sustainability to diverse degrees, which includes sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging, "says Shristi.

What she eventually settled on was making bio-jewellery. Unlike traditional cast jewellery available on the market, bio jewellery uses biodegradable and recycled cloth instead of steel.

The crafting of Tangerine pieces is extensive. "Keeping the designs simple, but not boring, is our mantra," she says. The group is currently working on getting the proper certification and, to make certain lasting sustainability is accomplished, Shristi says the team is reducing the quantity of metal used.

Starting a brand in the course of the pandemic

She began the brand in 2021 with her father, JP Meena, who helps in sourcing factors and is on the financial advisory board of directors. Additionally, Shristi says that the company works with underprivileged and female employees who are involved in creating the packaging for the brand.

In spite of the product and approaches being in a location, beginning a brand for the duration of the pandemic was not without its demanding situations. In keeping with Shristi, the crew took nearly seven months and every two to three months to locate the right vendor to help bring the concept to life.

Then came the mission of building a delivery chain.

Due to lockdowns and restrictions on the movement of human beings, "it has become very difficult and nearly impossible for us to step out and supply elements that would be bio-jewellery," says Shristi.

Due to this put off, the first collection came about in some parts of Rajasthan. Tangerine has struggled to establish brand recognition, and its sales have been declining.

"The earnings have been low as not many people knew about the brand and we couldn't attend exhibitions to get the market publicity that a brand new infant brand calls for," says Shristi.

However, things have improved since then. It's also been way beyond what we predicted in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kochi, and Kolkata, Shristi adds. However, things have changed since then. Additionally, in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kochi, and Kolkata, it's been way beyond what we had predicted, "says Shristi.

Her previous experience of running with industry leaders such as Titan Zoya and Laptop Jewellers helped her expand Tangerine.

Locating the proper price factor

For any jewellery item, locating an inexpensive price point is essential. Because each element is sourced differently, the appropriate unit value varies depending on the product.

For now, the common value of every piece is around Rs 2,800 and might reach as much as Rs 3,500. You should purchase the goods online through the website or on other marketplaces.

Due to the fact that every piece of jewellery we make is handcrafted, if the framework of the piece is complicated or time-consuming, we are only able to produce a few multiples of the same piece in a day, Shristi says.

The team now has the objective of taking the brand international.

"The company is also registered with the iStart platform of both the national and vital governments, which facilitates budding marketers at various levels," Shristi says that the company intends to grow its brand through many exhibitions and competitions both within the country and internationally in order to contribute to the country's pride.






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