The Education System Revolution During COVID-19

During Covid-19 whole nation experiences lockdown. Education centers are closed but still we opted online classes which has its own benefits. This article contains a study about how E-learning has effected us amd what can be its future!

By nitesh_nk

The Education System Revolution During  COVID-19
The Education System Revolution During  COVID-19

Education pattern was curving for the past few years to a digital medium. But now E-learning has been a great revolution during this ongoing crisis as it the only way to keep the education growth on track to the youth. Internet of Things (IoT) has been a strong base for teaching in schools and colleges every day and has tremendous potential in creating a smart system for education and keep the student-teacher connected across any part of the world
According to one of the earliest studies done by Google and KPMG, they had projected that the market for online education in India would be around $2billion dollars, with 9.6 million paying subscribers by 2021.
But the study was published before the Covid-19 crisis. It seems that these stats will be reached well before 2021 as:



In the past few years, technology has risen to a great scale. Possibly, people can do everything from technology. Due to these achievements in technology, a new concept of digital teaching was developed. Most of the private schools adopted this method so that they can modernize and advertise their school name more prominently. Although the government schools adopted this concept late eventually it became a great part of education in education centers. 

The need of reinventing our education was a must for a developing country like India. Scholars, professors as well as academicians who were familiar with the foreign education system and students need were those who introduced digital system in India. This gave students better access to learning material, improved communication, better understanding, and also enabled teachers to make better records for the progress of students.
This pandemic had shut down everyone in their homes but online studies option had played a big role in keeping the pace of education. E-learning platform had served as a temporary education system which is extremely beneficial otherwise, one complete year of all students will be spoiled.
It is very important for all students to keep themselves reserved at times of online classes and make full use of this time so that it can be a successful means of education if required in the future.


This is one of the best advantages of E-learning! Through E-learning students greatly save time, they can do more things a day, they aren't tied to any institution schedule  which is the best part. Students always complain about their busy schedule due to education centers but now due to digital teaching methods, this problem has overcome a lot! Students can record their lectures and got through them the number of times they need. They can save notes in the form of documents and different copies which is much better than writing them on paper as paper have a fixed life-time.


During this on-going crisis when people can't go out of their homes to save themselves from viruses, E-learning has come out to be the best thing for education. If we have an overall view about this system of home-learning it comes out to be quite beneficial than traditional learning as advanced learning gives us virtual understanding, adaptive learning, picture show make a better impact than letters, etc., all these facilitated educators to integrate real-world experiences.


E-learning has proved to be very effective in the interaction between student-teacher which has defined their speed of learning. The complete session is a learning session without many disturbances as it happens in the classroom i.e. personal problems stuff are avoided. The knowledge delivery cycle is quick!


E-learning provides a lot of networking opportunities for many people. Now the question arises how? Let me answer this!
a) Education institutions can advertise more of their online courses, webinars, seminars, etc., to distant places and have more learners to get connected with them.
b) Students get a better knowledge about the standards of other students due to network building which helps in developing a competitive feeling. This feeling personally develops a student to a great extent.
c) Teachers digitally can contact many students and solve their queries which is another advantageous branch of networking.

It seems E-learning has played a great role in this pandemic lockdown but there is nothing I guess nothing in this world where a particular thing has only advantages! There are always some disadvantages too. Although E-learning has not much direct disadvantages buy indirectly there are some serious issues like:
a) Students are fooling their parents telling them they are studies but eventually are becoming a more social addict, game addict, and eventually gradually a phone addict because children below 16 don't understand very well the need for studies and thus spoil their future.
b) Many willing students who want to study regularly whether it be the offline mode or online. They are very serious about their studies to be their online mode. But they are not able to study because of network issues in their area or because they are poor, they can't buy a phone, etc.


This new era of education has a great and everlasting impact. The students can come across the best faculties across the globe. It is expected that this form of education will leave a lasting impact and help in the growth of digitalization in all the countries. There will be increased focus in the interest of IT infrastructure and faculty towards digital teaching methodologies.

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