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The Genius Who Took The Apple Company To The Greater Heights- Tim Cook

The American engineer and managing director have been Apple's CEO since August 2011. Tim Cook's salary was originally estimated at $ 378 million, making him the highest-paid CEO in the world. Read this article to know more about Tim Cook.

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 The Genius Who Took  The Apple Company To The Greater Heights- Tim Cook

History has seen the rise of many big brands that have revolutionized technology. The credit for providing the technology goes to Apple. The team has worked tirelessly and continues to be a brand that indicates a person's economic status. The 21st century will be marked by the rise of Apple and Tim Cook as market leaders.

Tim Cook is Apple's current CEO and one of the best entrepreneurs in the world. After a 12-year career at IBM, Cook continued to lead Intelligent Electronics and Compaq. Later, in 1998, Cook joined Apple, and a decade later he was appointed CEO of the company.

Tim Cook Beginning

Tim Cook's life story begins when he was born in the 1960s. November 1 In a city known as Robertsdale, Alabama. He attended Robertsdale High School and graduated in 1978. He later enrolled at Auburn University in Alabama. . Cook graduated in industrial engineering in 1982. Tim Cook's education was completed in 1988. He earned an MBA from Duke Fuqua University Business School.

During Tim Cook's early life at Fuqua Business School, he was awarded a Fuqua Scholar. This degree is awarded only to business school students who have completed 10% of the year. After earning a master's degree, Cook began a career in computer science. The team was then hired by IBM, where it differed in performance and became the corporation's North American CEO.

Tim Cook had a 12-year career at IBM and became Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Electronics. After joining Intelligent Electronics, he joined Compaq Computer Corporation as Vice President of Corporate Materials. However, Tim's tenure at Compaq was short-lived. Tim Cook's life changed after he joined Apple.

Life At Apple  - Time Cook

Speaking at Auburn University's opening ceremony in 2010, Tim said the most important discovery in his life was joining Apple. It was never an easy decision for Tim. Tim Cook's history with Apple began in early 1998 before the company developed an iPod, iMac, iPhone, or iPad. According to Tim Cook, Apple's story looked very bleak when he was supposed to join the company.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tim stated that Apple, despite making the Mac, had lost sales for many years and was on the verge of extinction! There were doubts about the future of the company, so it was a time when people like Tim took responsibility and led from the front.

As a result, the situation changed when Tim took up the position of vice president less than a year after his debut at the company. The corporation reported a profit that was seen as a great change from the most recent report, which showed a net loss in excess of $ 1 billion. USD during the previous financial year.

Apple unveils new devices, price tags: iPhone 11 to start at $699, Apple  TV+ streaming to go for $4.99 per month – Santa Cruz Sentinel

Tim Cook's position as chairman was constantly changing and he took on the responsibility of managing global sales, marketing, and operations. He helped develop the Macintosh department and further develop the vendor-supplier relationship. In 2011, the team was appointed the new CEO of Apple. He took over from Steve Jobs, who died the same year.

In addition to being Apple's CEO, Tim also serves on the company's board of directors. Led by Tim Cook, Apple announced its largest acquisition to date in 2014, purchasing Beats Music and Beats Electronics for a staggering $ 3 billion. Under the deal, Beats co-founders would join Apple in executive roles.

Final Verdict

Big roles come with big responsibilities. When you are the CEO of MNC, you admire the people, you admire your work. Such high-level decisions can affect the lives of others. Apple CEO Tim Cook made such decisions that benefited the lives of others. His philanthropic work and his decision to donate all of his assets to philanthropic endeavors are prime examples of leadership skills. In doing so, he thinks for the community and serves a purpose. These executives can change society through their leadership qualities and role model function.

Teachings From Tim Cook's Journey

  • Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Tim Cook
  • Take risks
  • Concentrate and listen carefully to your interlocutors.
  • Trust others around you.
  • Diversity is important.
  • Be humble.
  • Admit when you are wrong.
  • Do what you do and do it right.
  • Believe in what you are doing and act on it.
  • Make your own rules.

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